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  • 16 Eylül 2014, Salı 13:20

Return None of Dental Caries

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Dentists H.

Dentists H. Republic Steel , tooth decay and tooth loss, stressing that the return should be given to oral care , he said.
Denizli State Hospital Association depends on the Oral and Dental Health Center serving Dentist Republic Steel , regular and proper brushing and flossing contains the daily preventive care , tooth and gum problems , before they occur can stop , he said.
Oral and dental care which is essential for the brushing process is describing Steel , said:\"For this, first the right toothbrush must choose . most suitable brush of medium hardness and brush head small one. brush head smaller back teeth easier , we arrive , nausea reflex reduces we will have . toothpaste when choosing fluoride-containing one that should prefer . each time a different brand should take . Hence in the abrasives in shape and size change every time and in the same direction wear does not create . this our teeth damaging obstacles. toothbrush without wetting lentil-sized toothpaste tightened. maximum size of peas to be in is enough . excess paste is used in the mouth freshness that it improves teeth cleaned properly before brushing finish leads us \"
teeth 45-degree angle to clear noting that Steel, said:\"That's why 45-degree angle to the gums to the teeth towards a circular motion to brushing teeth should start from the front side . Towards the back of the front teeth, all teeth are brushed teeth . In the same way back sides of the teeth are brushed . Rear face of the front teeth are cleaned with the brush vertically . Finally, the teeth chewing faces back and forth motion to clean. \"
\" A GOOD DENTAL HEALTH PEACE is also important \"
Mouth care of the final phase of the tongue brushing wished that Dentists who H. Republic Steel , said continued:\"as we can clear our language, our private language toothbrush can clean the brush with . Brush the tongue forward from the rear should clear by sweeping motion to suppress . Our language without wings , we should gently cleanse without hurting . Oral and dental care, there are other equipment that we can use . they are ; electric toothbrushes and dental floss, interdental brush , oral showers, mouthwashes and sprays. Having healthy teeth look good and feel good about us as well as our ; and also allows us to eat our conversation . Good oral health is important for our peace of mind . Regular and proper brushing and flossing daily preventive maintenance involving the use , teeth and gums helps to stop problems before they occur . However , if there is a regular oral care , food debris between the teeth , tongue and gums in the mouth and stays on the accumulation causes the smell after a while . Dental caries, bleeding gums , resulting in gum recession and tooth loss . The return of tooth decay and tooth loss is not only filling and prosthetic restoration treatment options are available. \"

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