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  • 03 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 11:24

Returning from vacation in lubricated !

Returning from vacation in lubricated !
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Specialist Dietician Enc Pinar Rules , holiday drew attention to nutrition issues .

Erzurum news: Specialist Dietician Enc Pinar Rules , holiday drew attention to nutrition issues .
during the holidays usually like fast food high calorie but highly practical food kept in the foreground stated that the Enc , said:
\"Holiday in the exercise stays in the background and so we can celebrate the holiday are . ourselves rewarded and we deserve it , we think we . Plenty plenty to eat and drink ourselves to give . Okay then what will happen? holiday period to lose weight , many of us have desire , but I during the holidays to lose weight instead of weight to maintain suggest . vacation sense of the comfort most of the time our diets reflected and both meals and alcohol consumption to more kaçılabilmekt are . at the same time , hot air his complacent sense because in general the exercise disrupted only half an hour swimming is not enough . especially want to lose weight if you do not , summer places quickly and practically can reach food , which , pasta, pizza, burgers and fried potato consumption must be careful. Carbohydrates consume less , long summer days to keep you fuller longer to turn to protein and more vegetables to care. Fruit , vegetables and high-fiber whole foods are the best choices . Give you more satiety after meals . On the subject recently, according to results of a study on young people ; young people who are overweight or obese gained more weight during the holidays shows that the same situation applies to both adults and children . So, what should we do to prevent weight gain ? 443 adults ranging in age from 40 to 60 according to studies , more than expected based on their age and weight , calorie-burning , individuals do not gain weight during the holidays . Important to exercise to burn more calories while . Being physically active , as well as keeping a high morale . In 60 seconds you want but you do not burn calories you can eat a food will take longer than 2 hours . Therefore, even though I swim during the holidays saying how to increase food intake is not true. When you feel like ice cream after eating, how much exercise to burn that you need to consider . Try spices . Change spices and flavors as well as to restrict appetite can be effective on . Paprika is able to reduce food intake in the same way curry, ginger, turmeric and cumin and oregano supports the acceleration of metabolism in the digestion of fatty foods can accelerate . Steam cook. Which helps you get less fat , try cooking techniques . Flavor and guarantee that there is no difference in terms of image . Focus on your favorite foods . For example, chocolate ice cream ; 1 ball real hunger and psychological hunger and your taste , try to distinguish . Do not skip meals . If you participate in a dinner or party, especially in the evenings , high-protein and high-fiber breakfast and lunch and a meal consisting of raw vegetables or fruits you will stop you from eating too much . Attention to alcohol consumption ! Other alternatives are refreshing fruit soda , light beer or wine or non-alcoholic cocktails will refresh you . Buffet's not the second time . Signals to our brain that we eat is reached in 20 minutes to do so , be sure to eat slowly . Food constitutes 90% of general holidays , enjoyable time spent with family and friends , how much and when you eat cause you to forget that you olabilir.miktar paying attention , we can only touch of flavor to taste purposeful . \"

Returning from vacation in lubricated !" comments for.


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