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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 20:29

Rhodes' Celebrity Coach Flood Victim

Rhodes' Celebrity Coach Flood Victim
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Datça district of Muğla Mesudiye Village Ovabuku body hit the coast of Rhodes lost in the flood disaster Prof.

Muğla news: Datça district of Muğla Mesudiye Village Ovabuku body hit the coast of Rhodes lost in the flood disaster Prof. Dr.. Argyropaulos by Konstantinos be determined.
Ovabuku Datca Mesudiye Village Monday morning at the site of a man's body was found by fishermen in. Out on the identity of the male body begins to decay was observed that while the body for identification Mugla was sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute. Mugla brought to the Forensic Medicine Institute where the autopsy was performed. Datca hit men to open after the autopsy, the body is missing in floods in Rhodes Professor. Dr.. Argyropaulos Konstantinos was determined to belong to.
to Datça Datça after hitting the body and Sim, who operate boats Municipal Lefteris Popodaulokalos a close friend of President Hussein Sun, Mayor of Simi ransacked by phone. On the body of the dress, shoes taking photos of Hussein Solar, photographs Rhodes also sent to the Police Department. Famous teacher sitting near Thessaloniki's brother and sister Alexandra Ioanris Argyropoylos Angeloupoul After learning that his brother's losses came to Rhodes. Rhodes participated in search and rescue activities for two days at the famous teacher was shown the photographs sent to his brothers from Datça. Two brothers, who identified his brothers in liaison with the Consulate of Greece in Izmir Turkey from Datça first time they log in to. Mayor Simi three people who meet in Datca with Lefteris Popodaulokalos Hussein vehicles belonging to the Sun came to the Forensic Medicine Institute and Muğla.
Izmir, Mugla for the execution of official action from the Forensic Medicine Institution vice-consul of Greece Izmir, Prof. famous teacher from Greece. Dr.. Argyropaulos of Constantine's sister 500 euros due to charges on learning environment that gets tensed. Simi mayor does not want to explain the name Lefteris Popodaulokalos vice-consul of the Institute of Forensic Medicine discussions took place in the garden.
"We are grateful to TURK"
to Turkey for the first time due to his brother's funeral who claim to have Ioanris Argyropoylos,"near Thessaloniki are sitting. island of Rhodes floods in our brother the car with the seat taken. same vehicle two more people had. them are women, and my brother to the flood stricken. other men are saved. Ms.'s body in Rhodes found. brother of our body if had been found. Lookup joined the rescue effort but we could not find. then from Datça Hussein Sun Rhodes Safety send with a picture of the corpse our brother belongs learned. the first time we came to Turkey. Datça our arrival from the Turkish people helped us a lot was. Boats Naked captain Hasan, Hussein Solar boat owner, Mayor Joseph Smith Yerkesik strangeness we never give in Turkey,"he said.
Simi Mayor Lefteris Popodaulokalos, frequent bilateral relations due to Mugla came too, said:"Simi Datça closest to the island. friend Hussein Solar me on the telephone calls Driscoll funeral to get, I've been assigned. Funeral private funeral with the tool prior to Datça, there boat Sim will go to the island. Similar to Rhodes by boat will be sent again after,"he said.

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