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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 18:46

Ringworm Stress on the Most Important Factor

Ringworm Stress on the Most Important Factor
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Samsun Medical Center Department of Dermatology Professor at Medical Park officials .

Samsun news: Samsun Medical Center Department of Dermatology Professor at Medical Park officials . Dr. . Koksal Alpay, ringworm more stress at the beginning and said it was the most important factor .
Ringworm ( alopecia areata ) disease-marking, round or oval, sharply demarcated patchy hair loss is a condition in which Prof. reminding . Dr. . Koksal Alpay, \"both women and men equally be seen. Dermatologists refer to the percent of patients 1 to 2 forms. Every age group can be seen. Relapses are frequently seen . Clinically in different ways against our interests. Most common on the scalp , round, oval spill begin with , spill sometimes network style , sometimes the entire scalp can hold , \"he said .
ringworm disease of the skin in normal view, saying that Alpay, \"redness and dandruff or acne are not available. sometimes eyebrows and eyelashes fall out. , in some cases all body hair fall out . resulting smaller lesions combine more big large lesions can turn into . Lesion on the newly grown hair thin and is yellowish over time congeal and thicken up . mild cases resolve on its own can . Ringworm 10 percent to 60 percent quotation would have kept . Differential diagnosis fungi including with other diseases mixed. Ringworm , primarily the stomach and thyroid , including many tissues and organs, antigens, antibodies are shown. Ringworm also vitiligo, pernicious anemia , thyroid disease and diabetes may be associated with , \"he said .
Ringworm of the initiation and perpetuation of stress at the most important factors is reminiscent Alpay, \"the treatment of local and systemic drugs are given . People in the skin of garlic and vinegar is an application commonly known rides . Minoxidil topical steroids anthralin . Other agents engaged in the skin erythema . Topical sensitizers chronic severe cases , systemic steroids, cyclosporine, methotrexate, PUVA also like immunsuppresif agents , dapsone, sulfasaliz , cryotherapy , acupuncture can be used , \"he said.

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