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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:51

Rising in Ergani Beekeeping Industry

Rising in Ergani Beekeeping Industry
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With a rich diversity of plants and flora in rural areas frequented by beekeepers beekeeping industry has become Ergani district .

Diyarbakır news:
Ergani finger will be considered in previous years, so few people are engaged in beekeeping in developing with government incentives in recent years to the point of being a source of livelihood for hundreds of people rose to sectoral location. In most cases close to the stultifying of the market in recent years, production of fake honey honey producers in the county . Because each manufacturer troubled days living selling cheap honey , creating its own customer base and industry is trying to keep themselves afloat. District Authority Mountain and plant diversity , especially when beekeepers place their hives high in some rural areas, Karacadağ deploying the sleeves of their trip and Mines is conducting beekeeping. Engaged in beekeeping in Bahçekaş locality connected to the center Mustafa Bywater 4 years ago the one who eagerly began beekeeping effort to increase the capacity by moving forward on a sectoral basis . Indicating that over a hundred people in the district beekeeping Bywater , interest in beekeeping in recent years and that has become a rising industry. Indicating that in recent years, television commercials with with the limelight become honey sector worst affected Bywater , \"both health Cheap honey consumers are threatening the pocket. Honey production sector wishing arduous and dedication. The honey , which therefore impossible to be so cheap. When delivered to the consumers through the TV channels cheap honey and sector is affected in a negative way , as well as disrupt the human health , \"he said .
manufacturers SUFFER
honey producers that there is a sector that requires dealing with the production , from fully loaded glucose is harmful to health the fake honey is particularly low budget and is preferred by consumers unconscious , it complains that the honey market negatively. Manufacturers, \"the average amount of honey obtained from a hive varies between 10-15 kilograms. To consumers through TV ads 10 pounds of honey to sell 100 pounds. That is almost one kilo of honey price of 10 pounds of honey sold. The original honey never in the amount sold to the price ,\"he he said.
< strong> STATE SECTOR SUPPORT according to official figures, in a Photo Ergani , Diyarbakır Beekeepers and Honey Producers Association has registered 42 members . According to the data from the District Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock , these producers with about 3 thousand hives receive state support 10 pounds per hive per year. However , hundreds of people from non-union members operating in this sector in the county and receive state support doing scientific honey production in its own right. County public education center also organizes certified courses each year to contribute to the development of the beekeeping industry. Despite this obvious abuse experts for this sector , with an emphasis on easy to distinguish quality from poor quality honey honey \"to take honey from the place you trust \"is making warning.

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