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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 15:50

Rizeli elderly and bedridden patients Passion of the road

Rizeli elderly and bedridden patients Passion of the road
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Rize 85-year-old bedridden patient is transported on a stretcher and taken to the house for 10 years by the shoulders to within 500 meters of the road close to the waiting ambulance and medical teams to hospitals for treatment because it is not the way to her house.

Rize news: Photo of Rize in Yenikale neighborhood is remarkable the way Kurt family ordeal. Due to the way the land is not allowing their relatives is not going to lead to Kurt family home . Living at home is not a way to reach home means 85-year-old bedridden Rukia Kurt , time to go to the hospital is moving on the shoulders of relatives and health care team with the stretcher up the road 500 meters. Photo Rukia Kurt is aged woman spends 30 years ago, a condition resulting walking ability largely lost , and the last 10 years, continues his life as bedridden . Kurt ill when moving up to 500 meters from their homes , their families and their health care team approaching ambulance stretcher and shoulders . Which weighs about 120 kilograms is a considerable power moved from the steep path of the old woman on a stretcher . Are forced to stop several times to rest carrying Kurt . Kurt stated that 30 years remain
10 years depending on the bed was uncomfortable and asked for help from the authorities to solve the problem . If Kurt's grandson, Mehmet Kurt said in a statement, \"Our house came way to close to 500 meters. We could not bring up our way home for various reasons . My grandmother bedridden . Thank them we support him when our health team ill transport and hospital helps us in our transportation . But at night to move it when it's time ill happening over time we have difficulty in finding help. our way we can bring him to the hospital without the need for our though healthcare team. We just want the way. \"Photo Medics and Kurt's neighbors in the Wolves in their statement that this is a very difficult and tiresome be transported to ambulance they said.


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