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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 10:02

Rock Governor's mansion Eid al-Adha Message

Rock Governor's mansion Eid al-Adha Message
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Governor mansion Serdar Kaya , due to the Feast of the Sacrifice has released a congratulatory message .

Aydın news: Governor
rock , post in the message ; \"Social unity values ​​that remembering the beauty and goodness intense that , Eid-ul-together to meet are happy . Our society is very special and significant place , having our nation's moral values ​​and history of the engine from the depths of social assistance and solidarity tradition is most beautiful days when the feast Gone are the days . Holidays , all kinds of beauty and happiness is experienced, spouse, friend, relative , patients , elders were visited ; orphans and bitter hearts'to be repaired ; poor-poor man's ferreting be regarded , in need of a helping hand to the lengthening of the children delighted that ; resentment , bitterness are fixed ; love , respect, tolerance and brotherhood feelings intensified ; exceptional days means . flags, resentment and bitterness and to forget , unity and solidarity should increase the future, our faith in all circumstances must protect . Hence holidays, the meaning and significance according to kutlanmalıdır . These thoughts and feelings with the large, developed and fused köşklü our citizens Feast of Sacrifice their best wishes to congratulate all mankind, peace , love , brotherhood occasions that I wish love and respect I offer my \"he said .

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