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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 17:50

Romania coach:Turkey's very difficult to catch up to us

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Romania's national team, Hungary and Turkey began preparations for the match.

Coach Victor Piturca

priority targets in Hungary to win the match, he said. Piturca, Turkey, the chances of the group said he saw very little.

Romania's National Team A team of 23 people nominated, Hungary and Turkey came to the camp for the matches. Coach Victor Piturca held a press conference at the camp, said that Hungary match, winning the first priorities. Will be a difficult match for both sides underlined the Romanian technical man, according to the beat Hungary in the second to capture the first requirement. Focused on this match as both physical as well as psychological records Piturca, found the following assessment:"He ldukça hard to get out of a game. I hope that Romania will triumph in this match. Going to be tremendous pressure on us. This is true. psychologically prepare better."

Hungary has fallen a lot of work with emphasis on match spectators Piturca, call on the stands."Fan is certainly an important addition to our team. Expect unconditional support. Competitor This support will provide for the growth of superiority. Victory that everyone wants to catch a lot."

Hungary match against Turkey more comfortable if they would pass through three points voicing Romanian coach,"each of us taking out of the Romania's seven matches in Andorra, Turkey 4 points. us very, very difficult to catch up. us more chance."said.

Romanian National Team will continue preparations for the Bucharest Mogoşoaia facilities. Which is transferred to the UK are unlikely to wear the shirt Chiricheş'in Hungary match.

Romania coach:Turkey's very difficult to catch up to us" comments for.


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