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  • 23 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 18:22

Romanian University Students Working Out Died

Romanian University Students Working Out Died
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About 1 month ago from Romania Erasmus student exchange program from Fırat University Faculty of Communication Public Relations Department students Laczko Erika Adele , died after feeling ill while playing sports .

Elazığ news: Young girl's funeral, autopsy after the country to be sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute received.
According to information obtained from Romania, student exchange program on September 15 Fırat University Faculty of Communication, Public Relations Department, the 21-year-old Erika Adele Laczko , Marius Molbov past Sunday, a friend went on the field to do with sports . 1st round running Laczko , sick bank and sat down. After a while, love fenalaşan Laczko's friend told the health care team . The Laczko Education and Research Hospital by ambulance could not be saved . Autopsied at the Forensic Medicine Institute Lazcko cause of death has not been determined yet . Laczko's funeral today, from the morgue, Firat University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Nuri Orhan, Dean of the Faculty of Communication Dr. Omar Osman Umar, Head of International Relations Office Dr Ahmet Invariably , the faculty by faculty and students were taken to Elazig Airport taking . Laczko's funeral , which will be brought to Istanbul by plane from Istanbul by plane will be taken to Romania .
With the funeral of the deceased university students who will go to Romania Firat University, Head of International Relations Office Dr. Ahmet Invariably , they were saddened by the deaths due to the events noted . Information about the event who also infallible , \"Romania Petromy from the University of Erasmus students from Erika, after coming home outfit changed their sport to make our lawns around the site of a tour is blown. Erika said,'I myself do not feel good bench to want to sit .'Erika too in poor condition not to know that his friend one more round tripped. friend in the second round when Erika seated next to . Erika next friend on the shoulder head while putting all of a sudden collapsed . medical teams , given the short period of time the ambulance arrived but a vital symptoms did not have , \"he spoke .
autopsy performed stated that the infallible , \"I specifically to perform an autopsy , Doctor asked . heart attack or something else from thefamily what we have to say I said. doctors also said'a large number of samples were taken , based on samples we wil I can say as a result . would not be right to say anything right now , we could stumble , \"he said . situation like this , the latest on autopsy , the cause of death will be announced later . This situation with the family , and büyükelçilikl will be shared with the university , \"he said .
Fırat University Rector Prof. Kutbeddin in Demirdağ , who died while playing sports Erika Adele has issued a message of condolence for Laczko .

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