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  • 01 Ocak 2014, Çarşamba 14:27

Romantic Bride:Long, Free and Shiny Hair

Romantic Bride:Long, Free and Shiny Hair
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Kate Middleton's wedding day your hair when you release your dazzling, modern and elegant showed everyone would be. Here it is soft, with princess curls way of being ...

past April, Kate Middleton released the sleek, wavy, glossy chestnut hair with Westminster Abbey in the hallway When you walk, the bride to be prepared for all young women hairpins thrown off was ... Kate's stylist James Pryce of this hair style & ldquo , romantic waves"was defined as the Duchess when she married Prince William and"to feel like himself,"said he wants to choose this model.

2011 North American Hair Styling Hair Stylist of the Year Award Awarded Eli Mancha, nowadays the most popular among brides hairstyle is long and loose hair, he says.

on your wedding day hair that fell in waves makes your impressive way of wearing a crown adorned with diamonds, not shiny and healthy hair goes through. Long hair on how to prepare for the big day we took the advice of Manchaca.

your Wedding Day Hair Inserts Attention to Broken

your hair for your wedding day, extending time must pass in front of fractures in the extremities."The ends of your hair to keep it alive a little less than three months must nap,"says Mancha. Besides, your hair to prevent breakage can also use silk or satin pillowcase. Mancha,"the ends of long hair breaks easily, especially if your hair thin wire or painted,"he says and continues,"Hair wires can be plugged into an ordinary pillowcase of cotton."

Hair Color Proofing Your Visit

coloring your hair start six months before the big day. Thus, at least twice to make the bottom paint and you will have time to adjust the tint. Barber paints an appointment in the last one week before your wedding day taken. Mancha,"so your hair will be as lively and bright, as well as from newly painted hair look more natural,"he says. Wax or cellophane can also consider taking care. Let's hear from Manchaca cause,"Polish, blond shades disorder corrects, enriches the dark shadows. Also, the last layer is applied to the hair to straighten your hair will end, and shines brilliantly and ensures permanent hair color. Thus, your hair color will not appear on the honeymoon."

Find the most suitable product you

Your Hair structure (wavy or flat, thin or thick) designed to select a shampoo and hair conditioner. More often than short hair washed, shaped and are more exposed to environmental damage long hair products formulated specifically for use. Wash your hair twice a day and apply shampoo to your scalp and hair. Shampoo your hair once a week up and down the end. After drying your hair, use leave-in conditioner, if you have dry hair that needs extra moisture regains end.

Final Preparation

"Generally, a day before the wedding day the bride wash my hair I tell them,"says Mancha."It gives a natural look to the hair. In addition, newly washed hair is very slippery and the shape can not protect enough. If you make a model of wavy or curly, straight hair curling irons, I suggest you use your hairdresser. Plain performed curls with a curling iron and appear more modern and natural, as well as the more long-lasting. Spiral curls with a curling iron would be more durable than those made."

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