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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 11:43

Rose's face was Hacıosmanoğlu

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League turbulent days pass and the end of the Trabzonspor coach Vahid Halilhodzic duties, Torque Konyaspor Hacıosmanoğlu president Abraham's face began to laugh with the win .

Trabzon news: Photo Sports Toto Super League week 9 who defeated Trabzonspor in the field of Torque Konyaspor'un weeks after president Abraham Hacıosmanoğlu's face began to laugh . Following the transfer flash in the beginning of the season after a poor pitch results taken from a kind face unsmiling Hacıosmanoğlu ,'buddy'he Upon termination of Vahid Halilhodzic task it addresses , Torque get some attaining Konyaspor match found morale. Photo downswing Photo burgundy-blueness began the season with championship goals in the first match of the league management Halilhodzic Suat Gold Construction Kayseri separated from the matches played in the 0-0 draw away to Rovers had started the new season with the loss of points. Then again goalless home draw with Fenerbahce played in the remaining Black team , away and left home in Istanbul Basaksehir Kasımpaşa match played in a draw 1-1 , 3-0 while Kardemir Karabükspor had been defeated. Despite having the league 5 after week yet 3 points that can not be met and collect settled to the bottom of the league with 4 points Trabzonspor, home of the guest meat in Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun was acquainted with the first three points in the Champions League by defeating 3-1. Manchester United 4-4 draw at home to play it again with the rest of the red-blue color , away led to a 1-1 tie with the Akhisar FC coach Vahid Halilhodzic with tension ropes . If the description taken from the field results as well as Bosnian technical man made ​​both players led to the closure of the Halilhodzic term visual response by both governments. Photo TRABZONSPOR a sigh of relief ALT one of the objectives of Photo Taken field results Trabzonspor far behind the rest , and most of those who grieve at the beginning of the developments while Hacıosmanoğlu president Abraham , Torque Konyaspor match won after Halilhodzic get him to breathe a bit . Summit to the red-blue color also protects the points difference , the way the league due to national matches are aiming to take out with the new coach . Photo 13 GOAL 10 came from foreign
Trabzonspor, Sports Toto Super League scored 13 goals in 10 while the foreign and the domestic players flew 3 . The Bordeaux-blue team's top scorer with 5 goals was Oscar Cardozo . Belkalem the Black team , Medjani , Yatabar to , Mehmet Ekici , Yusuf Erdogan and was names of ancestors Sefa goal . Photo THIS SEASON CONTRIBUTION OF FOREIGN MORE Photo Trabzonspor , but not in the order they want in the league last year the number of foreign players according to the season seems to contribute more in the way in which goal. In the first 9 weeks of the 2013-2014 season Trabzonspor sending the opponent's goal 8 goals , 5 goals came from the foreign players . The domestic players scored 3 goals . The foreign players recorded 10 goals this season . Bordeaux-blue in Adrian said period and Malouda 1 in team goals while laying Henrique had scored 3 goals. Name of measure 1 and 2-up Mustafa Yumlu had the goal . Photo Trabzonspor match record this season and scored goals names are as follows:Photo İstanbul Başakşehir 1-1 Trabzonspor:Trabzonspor Cardozo Photo Kasimpasa 1-1:Yusuf Erdogan Photo Mersin Trabzonspor 3-1 İdmanyurdu:Belkalem , Medjani , Cardozo Photo Trabzonspor 4-4 Gaziantepspor:Belkalem , Sefa Yilmaz, Yatabar to , Cardozo Photo Akhisar FC 1-1 Trabzonspor:Trabzonspor 3-2 Torque Konyaspor Mehmet Ekici Photo:Cardozo (2) , Joseph

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