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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 17:31

Rumeli Academy, brings together artists from the Balkan youth

Rumeli Academy, brings together artists from the Balkan youth
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Rumeli Academy; eight Balkan countries, 150 high school and college students who are gifted in Edirne brings together 30 artists.

Edirne Governor's Office and the Prime Minister's Department Turks Abroad and Related Communities workshops organized by the academy of art, talks, book signings, concerts and film screenings will continue until the effects of September 10.

Bulgarian, Gagauz Location, Crimea, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey and Greece gifted young people between the ages of 17 and 25, for ten days, 30 writers, illustrators, directors and artists will have the opportunity to come together.

Public Education The opening ceremony of the Edirne Governor Hasan Duruer Center, Time Newspaper Columnist Ahmet Turan Alkan, calligrapher Professor. Dr. Hüsrev Smith, Poet Ercan Yilmaz, poet and academician Assoc. Dr. Ridvan dear, Trakya University, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts. Dr. Ahmet examination, a large number of guests.

He continued his opening speech, the task starts from the day of its two missions, one of them had adopted the"History of the move to the present day", while another said that the Balkans.

BBC Ahmet Turan Alkan author of the Balkans"Turkishness"is a place called the brewing of what he said.

John Doe,"I'm not saying to bring you gas. historian. Posted telling in the light of our readings. Turks in the real commingle. Alparslan, Malazgirt, Eastern Anatolia is not vesire. Blah I say, but I do not belittle. Cultural, the world is shaped by the presence of Turks in the Balkan geography and modern sense."she said.

Assoc. Dr. Dear Ridvan the"Rumeli our folkloric, love, unmitigated, sızımız heart never close. 5 has a hankering hundred years after a century-old unity. Edirne Edirne to the Academy as an academic contribution to the Academy to offer Rumeli and I am extremely happy to take part in the project. This project is essentially a meeting of relatives, an embrace, a very respected very auspicious gathering."he spoke.

Edirne Governor Hasan Duruer After the opening speeches, the first day Ercan Yilmaz poet participating in the program, Prof. Ahmet Turan Alkan. Dr. Hüsrev Subaşı'na Assoc. Dr. Ridvan Canım'a, Honorary Director Zafer Karatay project coordinator presented a plaque to the Danube.

Rumeli Academy, brings together artists from the Balkan youth

Rumeli Academy, brings together artists from the Balkan youth" comments for.


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