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  • 13 Eylül 2013, Cuma 00:17

Runway Eye Makeup Trends:What We have to try, What to Avoid

Runway Eye Makeup Trends:What We have to try, What to Avoid
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I give you the most fresh eye makeup trends runway.

If you're feeling bold, a little bit of make-up on runways

exhibited an exceptional source of inspiration for fashion shows can be for you. However, we should note that some of the views on the grid can not be transferred to real life. Here, you will find two different approaches brought to eye makeup. There are not worthy to take a second look at one technique.

Try:Exaggerated Cat's Eye


INSERT (InlineImage, image_1)

Meow! Anna Sui, Lanvin and Dolce & Gabbana runways for takeoff wings passed. Over-extended line of eye liner, eyebrows thick lines marking the outer boundaries came to be passed, and race cars. Headlight eyelids for the line is too long and is not implemented. This feline appearance, suitable for night to try to have fun while. However, in order to overcome the need to be patient. Take a tour of several attempts to do this.

Try:Bead Eye Liner


INSERT (InlineImage, image_3)

Chanel's fall runway show

, oversized knits and flashy eyes matched the playful and timeless tweeds. Emphasized that the lower lashes black eye liner'la the upper kirpiklerse giant platinum particles individually glued sequins. A few flakes particle placed at the end of the eyelashes. Why not choose a sparkle in the limelight and we're ready to call. Givenchy to afford fancy a more subtle approach, consider a few seasons ago, the view it offers on the podium. Using precise and eyelash adhesive stamps Dore lower lashes of both eyes follow.

Remote Hold:Color Opened Eyebrows


INSERT (InlineImage, image_2)

Gucci fashion show

color the eyebrows, the skin lost, it does not appear so obvious is painted in a yellow state. Kass is not a good way, but the view is absolutely remarkable. Even models with flawless bone structure, the absence of eyebrows, foreheads oddly disturbing is becoming a great showing.

Author: Shelley Levitt , and the former editor of Self magazine
at the same time the author. It is also often The
Style Glossy Turkey
edisyonuna is essays.

Runway Eye Makeup Trends:What We have to try, What to Avoid" comments for.


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