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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:01

Rural City Rising Project

Rural City Rising Project
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European Union Education and Youth Center and Turkey International Agency for Youth Exchanges , funded by the program \"Village City is Born \"project began in Adiyaman between November 8 to 15 , 2014.

Adıyaman news: Photo scope of the project from the European country Lithuania , Bulgaria, Spain, Romania and representatives of the 30-person group started its work came from Italy Adiyaman Youth Services and Sports City Visiting Müdürlüğ'n gave information about the work . The project aims Photo and providing information on studies project coordinator Kursad Leba and Yalcin Yilmaz, countries important to support the personal development of people living in rural areas is one of the problem and he said to contribute to the formation of entrepreneurial generation . Photo project Coordinator Kursad Leba, the elimination of cultural differences in project of this scope personal development support communication and entrepreneurial characteristics of the increase , as well as English language studies, social awareness , elimination of prejudice, village visits, said they are aiming for self-development of individuals providing training in key issues such as the inclusion introducing the culture and active. Photo Project with the target audience to provide social sensitivity , indicating rural areas and villages to work in made ​​to steer residing people youth centers Leba:\"Europe's 5 different countries of the 30 people with the participation of realized we project attests the historical and tourist sites will make the trip and our youth with village visits We will try to provide the integration with Europe. Supports the project Adiyaman Provincial Directorate of Youth Center and is very important for all of us. Our Director also stated that they would support us during our work on every issue . I would like to thank the stakeholders and labor for the project to all the people , \"he said . Adiyaman indicating Photo Adiyaman Thanks to the Youth Centre in addition to on-site sports facilities they provide to young people young people with social and cultural activities provide opportunities to develop themselves of Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Sayyed ahmet Bağcı, \"Village City is Born \"to the guests giving their support to any matter within the scope of the project has expressed his satisfaction with the hosts . Photo Bağcı project in Lithuania in European countries , Bulgaria, Spain, began to Romania and work came to Adiyaman from Italy Nimrod statue was a gift from the guests on behalf of the 30-person group .


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