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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 09:57

Rural Development Investment Recounted

Rural Development Investment Recounted
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Siirt Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( STSO ) by the 9th stage of the promotional and informational meeting was held Supporting Rural Development Investment Program .

Siirt news:
Room building event held at the conference hall, STSO Vice President F. Free Çalapkul , Food , Agriculture and Livestock Provincial Director Izzet Murat, Small Industrial Estate Cooperative President Mansur Domes , Chamber of Agriculture President Day Witness and DİKA Siirt Coordinator Ömer Faruk Mergen members attended. Food , Agriculture and Livestock Department officials by the 9th Supporting Rural Development Investment Grant Program were informed during the presentation related . Made the presentation , processing plant products , packaging and storage, processing of animal products , packaging and storage, processing aquatic products , packaging and storage, new greenhouses using alternative energy sources, alternative energy sources , geothermal and biogas from heat or electricity generating plants with solar and wind energy generating electricity was given the new facility are interested about for the construction of the plant. in
meeting also modern fixed investment for agricultural production from 1.5 million pounds to 500 thousand pounds were given information about the project will be supported by the grant . thinking of making a Photo investment all Siirtlilerin are invited to benefit from this program stated that , if the deadline was announced that the December 24 , 2014.

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