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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 10:45

Russia, Erdogan waiting for the G20 summit, the agenda in Syria

Russia, Erdogan waiting for the G20 summit, the agenda in Syria
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Russia's cultural capital St.

Petersburg on September 5-6 will host the leaders of the world's leading twenty countries. Russian President Vladimir Putin, U.S. President Barack Obama and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in particular within the framework of the summit with the leaders of the world will come together. According to the Kremlin, the Russian leader, Turkey, China, Japan, South Korea, Italy, India, Argentina, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Spain will be bilateral meetings with the leaders.

Putin, Erdogan meeting in the Middle East, especially in Syria and Egypt, to address issues and bilateral relations. The two leaders scheduled for the end of November in Moscow, working as a joint High Level Cooperation Council meeting in the Council of Ministers to assess the preparatory work. Within the framework of bilateral meetings with leaders of the G20 summit by Erdogan, Turkey's Syria policy is expected to tell. St. On 4 September, the Prime Minister is expected to arrive in Petersburg, on September 6, 2020 Olympic Arajantin'e decisions will be announced.

the United States, the G20 LEGITIMACY operation SYRIA WILL CALL

planned Russian-US summit in Moscow on September 3 to 4, which cancels Obama, Putin St. Expected to make a bilateral meeting in St. Petersburg. Washington, Syria policies, as well as a former employee of the CIA Edward Snowden Moscow angry that one-year temporary political asylum.

lower house of Russian parliament, the Duma International Affairs Committee Chairman Aleksey Puşkov, Twitter said in a statement claimed that Obama will use the summit of the G20 for the attack against Syria. Puşkov,"G20 official agenda, regardless of the most talked about Syria."she said. Obama has used chemical weapons on the ground in Syria, which is ready for operation, the hand quite strong political will to. Bashar al-Assad will not be targeting the United States and Western countries in a transitional government, St. Petersburg once more to force a political solution. Russian President Putin is not convinced that Assad's use of chemical weapons.


official agenda of the G20, measures to be taken for major companies have avoided paying taxes. Preparatory meetings of the change in the 15-item package is approved, the tax will be reforming. Revenue gained control of the place, as well as payment of taxes will be encouraged. After the financial crisis, the recession, government debt and will be discussed measures to boost employment.

Cihan News Agency G20 SUMMIT island VISITED BEFORE

part of Russia before the G20 summit promotion program organized by the Turkish Cihan News Agency, members of the press were invited. G20 all programs outside of the city, and the southern coast of the Finnish Gulf, 30 kilometers from the center of St. Petersburg to the town of Strelna. World leaders to meet the army of official delegations and journalists over 3 thousand secluded village founded a new city. Snow-white tents equipped with modern technical equipment in the press center, restaurant, meeting rooms and technical service departments are binary. Foundations were laid in the 18th century by Peter Deli All Konstantinovski summit events held around the palace.

St. The information given by the municipality of St. Petersburg Transportation Committee chairman Andrey lysine future of tens of thousands of guests, Pulkovo airport charter flights have been canceled for this reason, he said. The beaches of the Mediterranean and Aegean Russians alternatifdüşündüklerini for them to go to the most loved holiday season, representing velvet Luzin, an additional 11 trains daily between St. Petersburg and Moscow said was put. Municipal workers cleaning the entire city, streets, railway stations and the airport is equipped with the flags of the G20.

City of St. Petersburg Irina Babük'e Investment Committee Chairman Cihan News Agency, a special statement in preparation for the G20 Turkish entrepreneurs are active in the city, he said. Turkish companies operating in the construction and hospitality sector due to the successful work that you baboon,"Pulkovo airport in the Turkish construction companies making new blocks. Thus have contributed to the G20. Residents of the city to serve the new areas until the end of the year will begin."she said. The city gates are wide open for Turkish investors stated that Russian officials, entrepreneurs St neighboring country Turkey. Değerlendirmemesinden enough opportunities in Petersburg was complaining.

Russia, Erdogan waiting for the G20 summit, the agenda in Syria" comments for.


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