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  • 30 Ocak 2014, Perşembe 11:32


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Russia's elite from websites vdolevke.r the modern Turkish design subject areas has published a news analysis.

İstanbul news:  In recent years, the design draws attention with Bu to Oren given in the report is"the modern Turkish design a new breath brings young"was introduced as.
Historic cultural products with the new era of industrial products with pictures shown in the news,"Turkish designer originally from the East many European 'or"closer evaluation was given.
Turkish, Arabic and Indian designs to mind; bright colors, soft pillows, short sofa, green colored surfaces, lamps and copper ornaments come reminded in the news, it's totally a"boilerplate"It was underlined that be. Join the judiciary to get away from, in fact the interior designer of the product need to look at that in the news in international competitions, winning awards Bu Oren's oriental classic mold very far from the real Turkish design to reflect the review took place.
Vdolevke the Turkish design for his comments,"Istanbul's Topkapi Palace, whimsical, bright blue and bright stained glass mosaic decorated with traditional elegant pavilion with eastern classical interior is an example. Turks, however, some national characteristics, while maintaining lived in places modernity prefer. Modern Turks, European standards, much more standing nearby,"he was.
new generation of designers classic mold away from the designs of his reminded in the news, the young designer Ayse Oren, either for his own studio Bu Oren DesignArt serve with, indicating that the various international competitions won prizes in the knowledge that was given.
Russian media reports in the above evaluation, a young designer Ayse Oren,"Design If done correctly, the correct energy, can give organizations a power supply can be used. innovative and open to change and making myself through this lane go forward I think,"he said.

Russia" comments for.


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