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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 18:00

Russian Bride Became Muslim

Russian Bride Became Muslim
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Fell in love with working in Russia Ekaterina Belova was young Turkish Muslims came to Turkey .

Zonguldak news: Photo Kdz . Flowers Eregli district of Levent living with Ekaterina Belova , who met while working in Russia came to Turkey chose to Islam. Turkey Levent Flowers with young Russian bride Ekaterina Belova decision of marriage , became a Muslim in the conversion ceremony held in mufti . Kdz . ABSTRACT Eregli Mufti bride before the ceremony Albayrak Russian Ekaterina Belovai to Islam gave information about the foundations of faith and worship . Ekaterina Belova later became Muslim in the presence of witnesses Words-i bring Martyrdom . After Photo Muslims rose called'Belovai congratulating Eregli Mufti ABSTRACT Albayrak , \"We have sinless and a sparkling case here . Now we have religious sister. Kdz . ereğli door of our Mufti is open at all times for you . I implore you to pray for you from all Muslims. we also are very pleased that you have decided the Rose name. Rose symbolizes our Prophet between the Islamic world and especially our people in Anatolia. Literature has also roses, Valentine and humanity's pride remzi is , \"he said .
Russian brides decide after the Rose Belova said for being a Muslim is extremely happy to bring profession .

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