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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 13:28

SA Conf 2013, with the participation of 24 countries was held asude

SA Conf 2013, with the participation of 24 countries was held asude
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6th International Congress of Network and Information Security (S CONF 2013), more than 120 participants from 24 countries and Aksaray University (AU) was performed.

Aksaray news: 6th International Network and Information Security Congress ( S CONF 2013), 24 from the country more than 120 participants Aksaray University (AU) was performed.
Information and network security research and applications contains presentations of the conference was conducted in English. The opening speech that performs İ Department of Corporations Assoc. Dr.. Himmet Karadal historically Aksaray Aksaray mentioned and also found in the Cappadocia"land of beautiful horses referred to as"he said.
Regulatory Commission Chairman Organization of the Faculty of Engineering Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Faculty Professor. Dr.. Atilla Acts, have organized an international nature of the conference, adding that"of asthma is extremely important in the realization of this congress. Participants thank you,"he said.
Australia Macquarie University Professor Director of Advanced Computing Center. Dr.. Joseph Pieprzyk, the distribution by country of notification of the congress earlier and international level in the country told.
Rector. Dr.. Mustafa Acar, the second year of ASU's seven national and international congresses hosted stated that the Rector Acar,"young college we are and the limited opportunities to work with us, despite Turkey's foreign opening, rapid growth, its reconciliation with its next 10-year period the world's largest 10 economies like entering the efforts own ways, supported us in trying to give a university we are. this framework in all respects rapidly growing university are. cultural, social, scientific activities beginning and are trying to attract. two years, seven symposia and congresses hosted that we have in this regard How active is an indication that we are. Organization would like to thank everyone who contributed,"he said.
Turkey Academy of Sciences (TUBA) President Prof. Dr.. Ahmet Cevdet Acar, the euphonium's overall national academy that covers all areas of science and noted that open their doors to colleagues around the world. 24 national academy and the negotiated 11 international umbrella organization members stressed that they are Acer, in Turkey, these conferences were more widely to the execution by asking,"Because the Internet and information technology elements such as longer national, besides being an international nature began to offer,"he spoke.
After the speeches, the participants were given gifts and Turkish folk music has held a mini concert of works. AI Ali Kerim academics suggest, from Hasan Muse, Zeynep Kaya, Gulbahar Khan, Nile Roses Ali Aksoy and Geomatics Engineering students from each other, with beautiful songs added color to the event. After Congress President Prof. TUBA. Dr.. Ahmet Cevdet Acar, Rector of. Dr.. Mustafa Acar authorities visited and Rector's Special Book signed.
Congress of asthma, as well as the India Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Australia Macquarie University, Russia's Southern Federal University, Istanbul Technical University and the End Development Agency cooperation was accomplished with. Congress, Turkey, Russia, India, America, Japan, Australia, Europe and the Middle East, a total of 24 countries and scientists participating.
International Data Networks and Security Congress in 2012, India's Jaipur city was held in.

SA Conf 2013, with the participation of 24 countries was held asude" comments for.


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