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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 22:39

Sabri Sarioglu broke the silence

Sabri Sarioglu broke the silence
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Galatasaray players Şaroğlu Sabri said he experienced sadness too at the time of leaving the team.

Karabük news: Photo Sabri Şaroğlu , made ​​statements after the 2-1 win over FC match . Noting that continued incessantly to work at the time it left the team apart, \"God someone you drop to such a situation. But I continued to give up I work . I know how to keep myself ready . I have patience. I know because that arise from the truth. For that reason, conscience've comfortable ,\"he said .
\"< strong> ALWAYS loved them very much \"Photo in the press about his'forgiveness was'saying that located the news Sabri, \"crime for the forgiveness of a human being , I need to do wrong. during the time I wear Galatasaray shirt thank God what the teacher, what technical team , the manager, a rudeness my head , wrong if I did not. Let the coach , manager, the club running my staff tea maker to , cimcime even that did not happen . All my brother , my brother . every time I love them so much , they called me lovers need , \"he said .
\" DECISION provided GIVEN bY PROFESSOR \"Photo Why is a question of the direction in which the left out of the squad Sabri ,\"I made ​​a statement. was it me too sad already . Why do people knew that their accounting . To put it bluntly not given such a decision by the teacher. I question this, the answer to everyone I asked for three months , I did not get . But much also no need for an extension. I'm not one of history attached , \"he said .
\" fighting for Galatasaray I BE A PLAYER EVERYONE KNOW \"Photo experienced players indicating that Galatasaray's house , \"I'm never out of my house I remain separate . I was only 3 months apart from the pack . I fought for Galatasaray , everybody knows that I was a struggling actor . I am not a man remaining stuck in the past , I look to the future. Now I'm going to struggle to do the best for after Galatasaray \"found expression .
\"Galatasaray'< strong> IN CAPTAIN SELÇUK \"Photo Sabri Sarioglu , and the questions about kaptanlıkl , \"Galatasaray captain Selcuk is . Has given a decision. I managers , I always respect the decision of our teacher, \"he replied. Photo Abdurrahim Albayrak is support call himself During his stay separate teams representing Sarioglu, \"Abdurrahim brother phoned two days before the election . I constantly call me down bozmama for 3 months, he said he should not wait. Thank you, you gave me a lot of support from the spiritual direction. I'm back with my choice anyway. He and management, I thank my president. I'm happy , \"he said because I'm back where I belong.

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