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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 17:20

Sacrificial Car Price

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Pied a ton grown in the district of Çorum 850 pounds in weight and 50 thousand appraised price \"Cataclysm \"from Konya sacrificial sold.

Çorum news:
Holstein breeders living in the town by Gurses Müfit \"Holstein \"breed sacrificial weight and grandeur amazes those who see . Combative attitude, given the increased flood sacrificial daily for 20 pounds a specially crafted high-energy food is consumed. On the farm boğalık called a special section left alone tayfur with farm workers in particular are interested .
A car in the price offered for sale huge sacrifice Konya a businessman, purchased by the said breeders Müfit Gurses, the price is concerned, a clear explanation. < br/> Each year, trained sacrificial animals announced the name of the Müfit Gurses, \"a period of a thousand 640-pound king's sacrifice had . then flood we raised . weight thousand 850 pounds. flood daily 20 pounds of feed is eating. Specialty ration is done. Additionally, alfalfa and oats are giving , \"he said .
50 thousand TL floated their flood Konya , a businessman bought by stating Gurses, \"Customers in Konya ready . Photo see their loved it. Phones were looking for , I want the price we said . today in the evening come \"he said.
Victims ambitious voicing and other breeders defies Gurses, \"I was very assertive about it . ago thanks to God after the flood . Furthermore, no bull bold . Not his wife . It is a bold no bull . Including this state farms . I do not give anyone even sperm . Every year we grow so sacrificial . Our king had a period . Allah has bestowed a feast on the eve of a thousand 640-pound king in Ankara in Ostim trades have sold , \"he said .
grown sacrificial with the attention on CUSTOMER Gurses, in future years assertive speaking. past year, has trained thousands of 640-pound king's kurbanlıkl reputation that Gurses, this year one thousand eight hundred and fifty pounds in weight flood and the previous record equaled .
next year's Eid al-Adha to the preparations already begun telling Gurses, hawks are prepared to put up for sale next year's specifically interested in kurbanlıkl .
grow this year, voicing Sahin Gurses, \"You see, Hawk has grown. Currently two and a half years old. Hawk next year will come on two shades . All being well, after 2-3 years of his offspring Rocky'll see , \"he said .
if I could, OIL AND BALLE'm gonna feed
farm Sahin kurbanlıkl specially interested volcano Gurses, \"with journalists in Ankara we met the king . This year we see the flood and Ankara . Şahin'le Ankara to God if we'll go over two tons . Lacks for nothing . If I could give oil and honey . Let God open road . When you first arrive Cataclysm 5.3 to 4 months. We fed him exclusively until the age of 2 . Then periodically under the supervision of veterinary care have made all kinds . Flood pleased . Our hope is in the Rocky \"he said .

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