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  • 01 Ekim 2014, Çarşamba 14:56

Sacrificial Deposit Practice Solutions'Yıkmatik'

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Feast of the Sacrifice on deposit at the time of sacrifice, hardships to citizens'Yıkmatik'and found the solution.

Kayseri news:
Yıkmatik thanks 10-year-old , even a child easily sacrificial animals destroy indicating that trades Mustafa Balkaya , \"Yıkmatik a chain to a column by attaching the victim's 4 feet by bringing together animals easy to subvert the intended material. pet's feet , one spend 10 year old boy taken when goods easily break down can be . course, this slaughter of animals in convenience in. So everyone to get advise , \"he said .
of citizens satisfied with the interest that record Balkaya , \"Citizens in previous years they are used have requested for . Our sales are good. A similar forward doing well , but this yıkmatik easier because it is is preferred. yıkmatik about 7-8 years in the market , \"he said.
50 years, father's occupation bıçakçılıkl deal with stating Balkaya citizens'festival next few days rather than in earlier blades ticket to the need mentioning ,\"knife sharp we do not want to be cruelty to animals . Close-known festival becomes more crowded , \"he said .

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