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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 15:18

Sacrificial Selling Faster in Yozgat

Sacrificial Selling Faster in Yozgat
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In Yozgat, two days before Eid sacrificial sales also accelerated.

Yozgat news:
in Yozgat Municipality sacrificial livestock market sale two days before the festival was even faster . Citizens breeders of fierce negotiations were taking place , the Kemal Yalçın sacrificial ram for stating that, \"Breeders 650 pounds asked , we 500 pounds gave and 550 pounds haggle we got . Good luck ,\"he said .
Sunday's largest sacrifice the eight thousand pounds were sold . Hawk Kayışdağ named breeders of the market, the biggest sacrifice themselves stating that , \"a ton of animals the normal price of 10 thousand pounds which must be, at eight thousand pounds sold because we needed . Bait to be taken , the crop will be planted , fertilizer will be taken , so a little cheap buy ,\"he spoke .
the other hand, takes a citizen to put into the trunk of the car that took the sacrificial ram . Citizens , the coach said they received 550 pounds , \"the garden of my house there .'ll Look here for two days , and the feast day off ,\"he said .

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