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  • 21 Ocak 2014, Salı 09:12

Safer Schools Now

Safer Schools Now
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Bahçeşehir College, developed for the first time in Turkey and senior Safe Schools Project has implemented security measures.

İstanbul news:  Bahçeşehir College, first time in Turkey developed the Safe Schools Project, the top-level safety measures implemented.
Students' development of a healthy education in the framework of complete and useful in the future individuals to have more first time in Turkey developed the Safe Schools Project, Ring Bahçeşehir College especially all Bahçesehir colleges were implemented.
PARENTS 'EYES will not be back
Applied project together Bahçeşehir College's inspection stating that the Bahcesehir University Private Security and Protection Program Chair of the Department Osman Öztürk, the purpose of the Safe Schools Project, teachers and students inside and outside the school and safely protect against dangerous factors provide education, he said. Ozturk, Safe Schools Project, Bahcesehir University, City Security Group and Global Security Group's jointly prepare and implement a project that is told. Objectives, parents eyes back without they can trust to provide an environment is describing Ozturk, said:"Safe Schools Project, the student-teacher relationships, students' commitment to the school and the school administration's safe schools criteria for system suitability, family, environment, school and community safety include elements like."
senior security yield a site that have stated that they Ozturk, said:"Schools of physical, psychological and social aspects a safe structure. pupils' cultural activities, their environments can also be safe, encourage them. Architectural from the environment, corridors classes every space needs to be focused on the success and education. Additionally, children in the areas of fire and earthquake is very important to be conscious."
students' homes come out of training they come to school and back safely return to their homes and everything in the process ensures the safety stated that they Ozturk,"With this project, parents of school stakeholders is happening and them to support this project expect you to be,"he said.
Safety training appropriate conditions and measures as required fulfilled stated that the Global Security Group CEO Davis Katz is"Education priorities in the field and cleaning measures has been noted criteria among. these criteria, in addition to environmental conditions, training schemes and parent-teacher with the cooperation of a school on top of the standard.'ve found successful and innovative in every area,"he said.

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