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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:31

Saffron Harvest Begins

Saffron Harvest Begins
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Can paint a hundred thousand times its own weight until yellow liquid , cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industry began as a harvest of saffron plant used in a wide range of sectors.

Karabük news: the start of the harvest of Photo saffron crocus hence Governor Orhan Alimoglu with the Provincial Police Director Serhat Tezsev is , Safranbolu Governor will find Murat , Food, Agriculture and Livestock Provincial Director Cemaledin Çatakl , District Director of Agriculture Cetin Ayvalik , District Forest Operations Manager , District Mufti and Yazıköy Mukhtar Ahmed with Büyüközdem Safranbolu visited Recep saffron fields of eagles in Yazıköy . Photo Safranbolu District Director of Agriculture Cetin Ayvalik, of saffron production in Safranbolu 3-4 saying acre to a field , \"the most important of the lack of saffron cultivation mAsIndAki reason grown difficulty , lack of young farmers to do farming and other peasant farmers that they do not particularly interested in this issue. onion planting is not the cultivation chance each year when a made ​​3-4 years. produced saffron bulbs still being planted in the same amount of space and space expansion can not be achieved , \"he said . Safranbolu District Director of Agriculture Governor Orhan Alimoglu Ayvalik after informing landowners Recep Cetin served a brief chat with the Eagles by saffron harvest .


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  • The value of gold began to harvest bile The value of gold began to harvest bile The only plant in the world is the name given to a residential area, the county is the name of the saffron harvest began Safrabolu'da.
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