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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 10:00

Safiyüddin Erhan:\"Our city is Our Personality \"

Safiyüddin Erhan:\
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We have our city-architect-şahsiye panel was held in Bursa .

Bursa news: We have our city-architect-şahsiye panel was held in Bursa . Erhan Safiyüddin Speaking at the panel , said that the personality of the civilization of the city. Photo by Young Officer-Sen Bursa Representatives'our city-our-şahsiye Our ​​architecture'conference was held at the Cultural Center Duck . Erhan Safiyüddin Speaking at Panal , civilization's basic building block taking the perspective of the Islamic city which ,'Muslim house \"and neighborhood tradition of forgetting , stood on the lost value with the concrete . Bursa Erhan describing the photographs destruction occurs in the historic neighborhood since the 1980s, collapsed nice I share the information about ecdadindan heirloom . Procedure Erhan calling those responsible in the matter , the municipality is permitted demolition order reestablished by the establishment of protection to the old wooden structure , he said should not allow parking on land where these homes . Kiremitçi and sharing Doğanbey neighborhood images of the period prior to 80 Erhan natural structure of the city of the maximum two-storey multi-storey buildings made ​​instead of houses appearing in photographs also voiced dec. photo Doğanbey Urban Regeneration project is planned long before the current local administrator but storied least of houses in projects carried out in the 80s and is sparsely planned but later changing the project from the local administrator of the rent due on the 26th floor in buildings constructed in such a way that they often removing Erhan explaining , \"There is no explanation of this. All residents need to come with proprietary structure of the city in order to prevent this destruction. Home to live in a culture , mosque , madrasa , the community still prefer to use the fountains and architecture should be accepting of people. Human society idea , it changes the taste and usage patterns that you would dream to experience the culture , \"he said . Books were presented to the participants after the Photo program . Young Officer-sen Provincial President Yunus Emre Altuntaş and Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kara by Safiyüddin Erhan to flowers were presented .

Safiyüddin Erhan:\"Our city is Our Personality \"" comments for.


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