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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 17:48

Safranbolu \"Furniture and Wooden Furniture Manufacturing\"Ataol Opened

Safranbolu \
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Safranbolu Municipality imposed by and the Western Black Sea Development Agency ( BAKKER A) supported by \"Furniture and Wood Furniture Manufacturing Technology and alive'project workshop was created in Safranbolu Industrial Estate , was opened with a ceremony.

Karabük news: Photo Performed project to find the opening to the Governor Murat Safranbolu , Safranbolu Mayor Dr. Necdet Aksoy, Project supporter GAGF Secretary General Faruk Tezel , circle chiefs and was attended by many citizens. Photo GAGF Secretary General Faruk Tezel project of 2014 , saying that a project funded under the Social Development and Financial Assistance Program, \"especially such tangible outputs which is investing in the best investment people to support projects that will support our trained human resources with the logic is one of our main priorities . this project is also in need of furniture industry in woodworking area will contribute to the trained manpower in the framework of both crafts we have no doubt that applied by the success of this project. in total, we have a support around this project 173 thousand TL. 30 near the trainees will receive support from this project. in the following days there will be hopefully employment . I hope this project will be a project that has continued . Safranbolul will offer our young beautiful service , \"he said . Photo Safranbolu Municipality President Dr. Necdet Aksoy said that qualified Safranbolu he desires in tourism in Safranbolu to portray the giftware sector expressing the regional and the industry will make production but also tourism input of to spread up to the house courses held .
Traditional arts, Ottoman heritage of Safranbolu these craft are also reviving Safranbolu name worthy of a production system to establish the goals they analt Aksoy , \"at the point of educating our women need in Safranbolu Furthermore , in terms of finding our business both unemployed and in terms of the development of professional knowledge Adult Education Centre and we are opening courses with Business Setup. this year we've added a new one to our present course. this course has to revive the timber industry , we open the CNC courses which will add more quality and technology to the wood industry. strengths of our region's tourism sector and woodwork. we will open the CNC course to combine these two. we have a qualified workforce. University graduates, high school graduates in terms of manpower is available in our city . We opened our essential needs of the course and includes a prospective study to refer to the production of the skilled labor force as a sine qua non . Our goal is to facilitate our region even more people to find work . Region will make our courses , we are trying to be helpful to our people . I was in this sense that we GAGF to support the General Secretariat , Safranbolu District Governor , I want to thank the Public Education Center . With this project, we will produce ourselves our own symbolic ornaments . We will work beautifully . 30 In our trainees receive training course now. 30, 15 of the other 15 of our trainees will be trained in first 3 months of the second 3 months. I believe it would be very useful to Safranbolu this project and support I would like to thank everyone who has , \"he said . Is to find a Photo Safranbolu Governor Murat , of the expression is very important and a good project carried out this project , \"This project unemployment in Safranbolu rate would decrease . Really a very useful service for signature being taken today, \"he said.


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