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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 19:19

Sahin, Vergil was installed

Sahin, Vergil was installed
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5. AK Party was elected Chairman of the Central District Karabük Ozcan Bronze at the Ordinary Congress.

Karabük news: Photo made ​​in the Cultural Center and the 175 delegates attended the elections with a single list 134'n game area businessman Tuncay Ozcan, the AK Party was elected to the presidency of the Central District Karabük . The Congress in 41 votes were declared invalid . Further information Karabük investments of his party in
Congress AK Party Karabük deputy and Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ali Sahin , in his speech at the Karabük Central District Congress party , Istanbul Mayor criticized Rafet taxation . < Br/> \" tHE GOVERNMENT yOU sHOULD \"Photo of the AK Party during the telling of investment in Karabük and Deputy Chairman Falcons react to trying to show as yet nothing themselves , \"Before the AK Party following KARDEMİR'Do you remember the status of ? the AK Party came to power was off KARDEMİR the shutters were lowered after the AK Party, now brings to 3 million tons of annual capacity . Mercy please did you have natural gas in Karabük before the AK Party did not. is there now? There . the Rafet Taxation Dear friend Mr. they spoke at the groundbreaking ceremony last days Bair neighborhood.'we solved the Karabük natural gas business , \"he says . Now, what is the role of the resolved to natural gas of citizens living in a city council? A friend of ours is home to natural gas bağlatıy . Does not apply to municipalities , dear friends. Kargaz references . Natural gas as a government we have brought to the door Karabük . We remove the attachment to the home's gas business in Karabük and Safranbolu tender. Name of the sub-company which Kargaz tender . Kargaz , the municipality says'we will do something natural gas pipe laying in the street . Please allow us to'how to dig the road ? 10 meters, 10 meters invests money from 350 pounds to 35 pounds and scrapes Kargaz municipality . The municipality there for giving money to the municipality paving asphalt . For that reason, a friend of the mayor to come out of our'natural gas we brought from the strange to think that . Necdet Aksoy because you could tell that the AK Party , but when I told him it strange to think that another party friend . Got to tell you,'God from the government bless the AK Party has gained gas Karabük the ruling , us to increase the use of natural gas citizens in Karabük , do not pose any obstacle to further attain man's natural gas. We allow the appeal after the deposit of Kargaz'also had to be made . But'we settle gas Karabük'If this does not get too awkward . I respect that. Of course that will serve , of course, a mayor of the people that they choose , \"he said .
\" KARABUK ANKARA THE DISTRICT with populations up \"Photo Sahin, Vergili'the president said that it is required to render service as \"something drew my attention. Mr. Vergil also have the'leave Karabük people ever to lie , I did not even mention to mislead . After that, I will not tell . \"This is a very nice feature, but in his speech \"We have shed the last 5 years, 650 thousand tons of asphalt Karabük . Ankara Metropolitan Municipality have done , we look at what we have done ? 5 years in Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has used 650 thousand tons of asphalt , we used as we Karabük Municipality 650 thousand tons of asphalt , \"he says . This reading of'Gosh'I said. The neighborhood has a population of up to karabük Ankara. From Karabük population are also more crowded neighborhoods in Ankara . Could such a thing? Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in the last 5 years, 650 thousand tons of asphalt will be poured , Istanbul Municipality will also shed so much. Wants to say ,'I only Bart , Zonguldak, Çankırı, Kastamonu'yl not measured , but the metropolitan I , I race with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality'wants to say. I wondered if I called the Mayor of Ankara Melih .'Mr. Melih you how much you pour asphalt to Ankara in the last 5 years ,'I said . Gram was sent to me . Ankara Metropolitan Municipality over the past 5 years, 19 million 727 thousand 104 tons of asphalt spilled . Speaking in'I lie , leave the Karabük people , I did not say even a word to mislead , then I will also say'our friend after a few seconds, she Ankara Metropolitan tell Municipality Karabük up asphalt is poured to mislead the people of Karabük . Please be honest. Karabük right to tell people. Where 19 million-odd asphalt, where 650 thousand tons of asphalt ? In'populism'is called. We do politics , we will tell you if any of our competitors wrong , tell them they're ours. If the self measure the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and wrong come from us if the information to mislead the Karabük public we say here is correct, the number sorry President , \"he said .
The other hand, the AK Party Karabük Central District President who is elected Tuncay Ozcan's board of directors consisted of the following names:
\"Abdulmuttalip boatman , Adam Dereli, Bahri Yilmaz , Day Aktas, Betul Kapucu , Burhan Ersšz , Burhan GÜNDOĞDU , Cetin Yilmaz, Ertugrul Pastry , Feyz Erdoğdu , Aaron Ulu, Vital Iron , Hussein Kuşoğlu , Muhammad Kaya, Murat Memory, Nilgun Wreaths , ABSTRACT , Orhan Yilmaz, Osman Uzunoğlu , Özlem Yıldırım, Serkan Dorukbaş of Sevil Ozal , Falcon Ceylan, Seyda happy, Şükrü Güngör , yuft Acıerik Turkan Böyükdüz , Yavuz Hussein and Zechariah I Çiyde . \"


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