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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 15:47

Şahinbey Municipal Assembly Meeting was held

Şahinbey Municipal Assembly Meeting was held
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Şahinbey municipal council meeting of October Sahinbey first session under the chairmanship of Mayor Mehmet Tahmazoğlu council was in the room .

Gaziantep news:
about the work of the President of the Municipality Sahinbey Tahmazoğlu accompanied by slides gave information to members of parliament . In the new era , the first parliamentary polls were held . Then, in the new era was the election of council members will serve . 13 items on the agenda of the regular meeting of October discussed after the adoption by consensus of five items off the agenda was discussed . Following the election of council members will serve in the new era began.
According to the results of the election ; Assembly 1 as vice president , Mehmet Okuda , 2nd as vice president Ibrahim Bala , 1 clerk membership Auspicious Özmant , 2nd clerk membership Seller Honeycomb 1 replacement clerk membership Fair Tabanyastıkoğl and 2 spare clerk membership Mehmet Akıncıoğlu selected.
Reconstruction to the Commission of Fine Friday , Gülhan Dinc, Latifa Havutçuoğl , the Muslim Hasan Yüksel and Şencan when selecting Mehmet Okyay Plan and Budget Commission , Massoud Ercan, Birol Ülger, Seyhan and Mehmet Dokbay Basil was chosen. Aydin Karahan, Khidr Arıkök , Racine Dole , Sadat Kilinc and Hasan Hüseyin Şarklı's Tariff Commission elected to the parliament , only the Çürükoğl , Bekir Arslan, Kurt Ali Fishbone , Mehmet Yasar Göktürks and Zeki Gursel Environmental clean-up committee was elected . Foreign Relations Committee revealed to've Copper, Free Özdağl Mehmet Mountaineer, Mehmet Ibrahim Ozal And Hasan Turkey when selecting Scion sad , Ihsan Fine , Kanban Kurt , Ugur Shield, Aaron Karatas Education, Youth and Sports committee was elected .
President Tahmazoğlu, then Gaziantep and Sahinbey new era and new members wishing to be good and lucky , and wished success . Other substances that remain on the agenda to be discussed in parliament on Wednesday October 8, 2014 Time:14:00 to reconvene the disbanded.

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