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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2012, Cuma 15:39

Sahin:The victim in our Republic

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AK Party organization, to the Day of Sacrifice party shared building.

AK Party organization, due to Eid party shared building. Holy ceremony, AK Party Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ali Sahin, accompanied by the AK Party officials. Speaking at the ceremony, Mehmet Ali Sahin, an alternative to the CHP criticized the Republic Day celebrations.

Mehmet Ali Sahin, has coincided with the Feast of Sacrifice Feast and Republican, said:"The second common with excitement Feast of the Sacrifice which has become almost bitişmiş on Monday, I hope to celebrate Republic Day. these, we live in these days are two common enthusiasm."he said.

Sahin, said:"The victim in our our Republic. Both of our common paydalarımızdır. Our religion, for all of us for how our nation is the source of faith and morals is crowned with democracy The administration of the republic in the way of life.'ll have you both, live and yaşatacağı, representing the unity and integrity values ​​are the values ​​that we all need to be above his head."he said.

holidays, but for integration for the decomposition is not for the war, saying that the brotherhood and friendship, Mehmet Ali Sahin,"88 years of the republic holidays is always the same ceremony in Ankara with the participation of the people at the track, or any other state ceremonies celebrated venues. This year, for the first time under the leadership of a political party to do ceremonies, heard the republican alternative. above all, as a citizen of this country that I felt very sorry. This is expected republic, does not serve the purpose of bringing us together. separates us. CHP sends his regrets with friends. BDP was kıldırmaya alternative Friday prayers. This, in fact, bölücülüktü., but now I do not hear the news. I believe that, as a result of grassroots response to waive it. because it is extremely wrong.'m CHP colleagues, such a separation of the republican celebrations attempt to give up hope. I think it would be very wrong. religious and national bayramlarımız but unite us, in the same pot eritebilmeli, separate informal redeem us from. That's what I glean religious and national bayramlarımızı we can celebrate in the spirit of self."he said. Then Sahin and other officials, party members bayramlaştı.

Sahin:The victim in our Republic" comments for.


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