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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 15:23

Sakarya Governor Eid al-Adha Message from Dailymotion

Sakarya Governor Eid al-Adha Message from Dailymotion
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Sakarya Governor Huseyin Avni Cos, hence the celebration of Eid al-Adha message was published.

Sakarya news:
Publications In his message of holidays spirit of solidarity , brotherhood and sacrifice the culmination sets out the joy days stressed that the Governor Cos , \"The joy of Eid occasion to replicate this joy from seven to seventy everyone to bring someone else with happiness be happy to know our great nation's essential character. Peace in peace and realize that we will Eid al-Adha occasion of our citizens unity and togetherness further consolidate strong believe . these days; hurt the hearts repaired them , resentment and resentment are forgotten , which our nation coexistence and a bright future and embrace the desired regeneration of the days in that social peace for our is very important. Bayram will gain spiritual insights of social solidarity feelings summit ulaştırıp , the poor and those in need a helping hand to reach out , the joys as well as sorrows and troubles share a happy future together we'll walk .
I believe in unity and solidarity realize that we will Eid al-Adha all of our nation more spaciousness to his heart and will give more peace , national and spiritual solidarity and brotherhood will strengthen our feelings . On this holiday, how that our mothers , our fathers , wife, our , our friend will never forget , they will be next if we likewise Heroes Veterans , our festival bitter falling Saints Martyrs survivals their families and children , orphans, we also keeping in mind always on their side should be. Our citizens to spend this holiday in peace and security necessary measures have been taken . Feast on duty during all the safety, health, police and fire personnel would especially like to thank all employees . These feelings and thoughts ; Mubarak Eid's our country , our nation , all the Muslim World peace, health , happiness and auspiciousness wish to bring , Precious Sakaryalı Hemşehrilerimiz , at all levels of public officials of my friends , NGOs and members of the press feast warmest celebrate , many more festivals reach our Almighty I wish from God , \"he said.

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