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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 14:54

Sakarya University President Muzaffer Elmas, was host to the Press

Sakarya University President Muzaffer Elmas, was host to the Press
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Sakarya University Rector

Sakarya news: Sakarya University Rector Dr. Muzaffer Elmas, under the 2014-2015 Academic Year Sharing Meeting in Sakarya , met with representatives of local and national media broadcasting . Describing the work of the Rector of the University of Diamonds, answered questions from members of the press . Sharing
2014-2015 Academic Year Press Conference , which met under the Sakarya , Sakarya University Rector Dr. Muzaffer Elmas, universities , as well as his work has answered the questions of journalists . Transportation from Sapanca Lake , seahorse serving the Eye , Ear , Nose and Throat (ENT ) and urology services for the transport , apart from the subject and the university the last occasion to descriptions found .
At the meeting, his presentation as the first university providing information about the President diamond, \"our university, the total number of students , 82 thousand 600, 4 thousand pedagogical training with an active 86 thousand of our students will be . Academic number of employees , unfortunately, few , there are two reasons , first the staff did not have a second in Turkey, many universities that qualified employees for have difficulty in finding universities. But our minister specifically with the support not only us sick , including 210 new positions appeared. these for us two to three year time frame , we would relax is a number, \"he said.
Sakarya University, the mind of a brand coming undertake studies on the expressed Says Diamond, \"for this reason, our university students are working to create an identity . Elective courses have put our club we support them . Library and constantly open to students holding the convention center , we have no criterion , without our prejudices . We're out of mosques in the same way , this will be kept constantly open . Do you go when you want to worship , you're working . We all media students to develop themselves trying to prepare , \"he said .
Sakarya University Training and Research Hospital ( SEAH ) Main Campus serving the Eye , Ear , Nose and Throat (ENT ) and urology services Korucuk campus moved to an explanation on Rector makes diamonds , \"in the decisions of this type , we invite them to meetings , our minds are telling us . However, this business decision-makers and the general secretary is başhekimli . This is a controversial issue for three years . You know, the second step in Sakarya, Faculty of Medicine , the third step do the work . So what is done by specialists and general practitioners we are trying to make professors . Right in the center where people go to get a unit , Faculty of Medicine to patients who were referred here , get to Korucuk . Actual reasonable and logical solution to this . Apart from the solutions debate never finished do not believe that , \"he said.
At Sakarya University in accessing the announcement, the President Diamond ,\"We as a student 73 to 74 years in the same minibus ride were no changes nothing. This university needs to get rid of the van . These issues are beyond us , meet at a common denominator , rescued from the van , I need to turn into a prestigious transport . Serdivan in experienced congestion is inevitable, but half an hour, an hour to wait not the case , \"he said .
Apartments in the remaining students on speaking Sakarya University, Faculty of Science , Department of Sociology President Assoc. Mustafa Kemal Singing, \"Apart from the apartments , students staying in the dorms and at home with the applied research will do. And their perceptions of these students in our area as well as a third application will be people living in this region . People with students staying in the apartments a slew of negative conclusions that would follow. Our aim here in terms of our socialization process , and the overall perception of culture apartments and dormitories will be whether there is a difference between . In this regard , we have developed a number of hypotheses , according to this hypothesis, students staying in apartments , compared to students residing in dormitories where the direction of socialization deficits have a pre-claim . Culture, socialization and overall value they receive less than the other students , with students studying different disciplines and more isolated they live a life that is the resulting differences . A very important factor in student population less than that of social control is that . Of course, we all want to maximize our freedom , but our freedom where they are limited , it is culture. In this sense we to students residing in this place is far more social control of the movement, a team can develop general knowledge about facing the outside of deviant behaviors we are a foresight . Now the question we are trying to prepare their paper forms and interviews . Application areas are not passed on . Applications are planning to go next week , \"he said .

Sakarya University President Muzaffer Elmas, was host to the Press" comments for.


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