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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 10:56

Sakaryalı Businessmen Delegation Receives Middle East

Sakaryalı Businessmen Delegation Receives Middle East
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Dursun Ali Pen and businessmen from Sakaryalı Osman Dedecan oldest cocoa processing and packing factory SUCSO the protocol signed with the Republic of the Ivory SA, Turkey and the Middle East representations received .

Sakarya news: Photo Sakaryalı businessmen protocols they have done in Turkey and Middle East countries SUCSO the SA brand , cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, cocoa mass will enter the market with its product range. Business people in the first place , thousands of targets in the region annually 36 tons have indicated that natural cocoa sales perform and continue in Sakarya cocoa mass processing and packaging facility established in aiming to contribute to the economy. New representatives of
Sunday in a statement that they have done , \"Cocoa 4-8 feet tall is a plant species used in making chocolate from the Malvaceae family . Natural habitat in South America, although the West African , West Indian islands, is grown throughout the tropics . as used in the derived alkaloid called Theobromin and obtain cocoa butter, cocoa seeds are used in making chocolate . cocoa has a plantation area of over 70 thousand square kilometers worldwide. Ivory coast that perform 40 percent of production, with 15 shares per cent followed by Ghana and Indonesia. Other cocoa producers , although in small amounts , Brazil, Nigeria and Cameroon. cocoa after the tree seeds , either immediately or at some time and then dried mayanlandırıl . Thus the seeds of bitter taste and a pleasant odor disappears occur. These grains kavrulurak is taken brought into the oil . It was then triturated , to obtain cocoa powder. Cocoa, milk mixed drink , also taken from the cocoa seed butter made ​​chocolate \"they said.

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