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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 18:01

Sake CHP deputy candidates , party members with the Met in Kula

Sake CHP deputy candidates , party members with the Met in Kula
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Republican People's Party (CHP ) Manisa deputy candidate for the Sake Abdullah visited the CHP Kula District Organization .

Manisa news: Photo Kula 100th Year visits to the Party building in business center in Kula District Chairman Osman Hurricane CHP , CHP Kula District Women's Wing President of the Esen Cinar, CHP Kula District Administration and delegates were present. CHP Kula District Chairman said Osman hurricane did, \"I wish our party facilities to all candidates wishing to become deputy of Manisa . This is a responsibility , is a representation of the race. I'm sure all the candidates our way befitting our party , they are a structure to carry forward our party. Us rankings at the end of parliamentary candidates of our party with touring every corner of our county, vote for them to ask , CHP Kula district Organization will do as more than our part , \"he said . on the Photo CHP Manisa deputy potential candidate Abdullah Sake , \"Who will determine the order in which delegates we would run parties. the I'm trying to introduce delegates to our individual travels for myself .'ve passed in Manisa headquarters our desire for election this year up front. All the district heads in the same thought. General Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu also 41 have declared that preliminary election in the province. I was a candidate in 2002 . Soma Winders are village I was born in 1962 . I graduated from two universities . I'm a financial advisor . I walked relish the district chairman for 11 years in Soma. I've traveled to 550 from 800 villages and all of Manisa province. I introduced myself to our members and our delegates. Republican People's Party , I have labored for many years. I want to be elected by the vote of the party base . Because this is real labor party, but recognizes that the good people at the base of the party. Polling centers would not have applied if the base of the pre-selection requests . We will try to corruption we came to power build the future of our country by cutting her veins , \"he said . Photo CHP Kula District Chairman Osman hurricane , thanking CHP Manisa deputy candidates Abdullah Sakai for the visit , expressed his satisfaction with the visit.


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