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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 20:29

Saleh was released Mirzabeyoğlu

Saleh was released Mirzabeyoğlu
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Illegal IBDA/C organization accused of being the leader of the'Salih Mirzabeyoğlu'Salih Izzet authors known as intersex , Bolu F-Type was released from prison .

Bolu news: Illegal IBDA/C organization leader accused of'Salih Mirzabeyoğlu'known as the author Salih Izzet hermaphrodite , Bolu F-type Prison was released from .
Istanbul 14th High Criminal Court retrial decision after the front of the prison many lovers Salih Mirzabeyoğlu'ni waited for hours . Police teams took extensive security measures around the prison . 20:10 Saleh Mirzabeyoğlu hours'walk through the Bolu F-type Prison and walked out. Mirzabeyoğlu , fireworks and tears and walked out with slogans . Shake hands with fans Mirzabeyoğlu'na individual's first words were, \"Let God blessing you \"was.
Saleh Mirzabeyoğlu then Deputy Mayor of Bolu Ihsan Agca was separated from the prison authorities riding vehicle .

Saleh was released Mirzabeyoğlu" comments for.


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