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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 15:12

Samsat'ta Sports from Governor Visits Attack

Samsat'ta Sports from Governor Visits Attack
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1. Amateur compete in Group B who Samsat'ta Adiyaman City Sports Technical and board members visited the Governor Samsat'ta Kursad Attack authorities.

Adıyaman news: jerseys is inscribed the Photo Governor Attack to name who gave Samsat'ta Municipal Sports Coach Fedl Hill , said Samsat'ta district two months ago appointed Governor Kursad they visit to get better Attack and wished them success .
Hill said in a statement \"We found the visit about two months ago , Mr. assigned to our district get better with our Governor to our management. we got the status of the transfer opportunity Samsat'ta City Sports this occasion. we thank them and wish them success in the task ,\"he said . Photo Samsat'ta Governor Kursad attack while in his statement , Samsat'ta thanking the municipality for their visit to the sports delegation wished them success .
Governor Attack , \"Adiyaman sport I thank Samsat'ta Sports club representing our district manager and the technical committee . We will support our team wherever possible . team our to be sporting challenge and league we want to complete the gentleman in the team. I wish them success , \"he said .

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