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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 16:53

Samsun business, exports TIM wants to enter the list of 55 firms

Samsun business, exports TIM wants to enter the list of 55 firms
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Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM), held in Turkey in 2012, 57.9 percent of exports' Samsun 14 that the list of the most export oriented company in 1000 to enter business in the city welcomed.

a major success, leaving behind many national brands exporters prized signature of Samsun. The success of businessmen, entrepreneurs in the small-scale exports are expected to trigger. Export positive finding success in the Black Sea Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (KASİAD) Chairman Abdurrahman Hacıkerimoğlu exports in the first 55 Samsun company aims to make the company announced in 1000.

Samsun exporter companies, 14 enterprises that contribute to the economy, in 1000 the company entered the list of the top exporters in Turkey, TEA. Cable companies Borsan the biggest jump in exports electricity, British American Tobacco, Asçelik, Sampa Automotive, Yeşilyurt Steelmaking, Ulusoy Flour, Samsun Machinery Industry and Yilmaz Agricultural Products, Vezirköprü Forest Products, Elektrosan, Samsun Feed, Adeka, Yemsel, Erçal Nuts, Karaçuha Agriculture products, companies raise the bar for success was the economy of Samsun.

first 1000 55 Samsun COMPANY SHOULD BE

take part in Samsun is a significant achievement in the list of 14 major exporter stated that President Abdurrahman Hacıkerimoğlu KASİAD,"2012 tax payers the company into one of the 14 companies in the first millennium and the disclosure of Samsun, Samsun delighted to us as a business. announcing the name of representing our city in the best way, our company would like to congratulate 14. We know that the number of firms greater capacity to capture the same success in Samsun. However, these firms, opportunities to improve integration with the world have good reviews."she said.


export-oriented business contacts and participation in terms of providing NGOs would be useful to follow the activities taken into consideration and reminding Hacıkerimoğlu,"September 12 ' TUCSON, of the Peoples Republic of China organized by Istanbul Trade Form, would like to invite businessmen. Hopefully, the new target as soon as the first thousand 55 Samsunlu company, we are achieved our goal. construction, food, textile, energy, tourism, mining, and machinery industries with the participation of firms operating in the trade forum firmalarımızla participate in, contribute to achieving this goal, I think we will provide. organization and the activities we did as KASİAD, the first step to create the first goal of the company hope that 55 per thousand."gave the information.


Referring to have significant potential in exports of Samsun and Samsun Trade and Member of the Board of TOBB Murzioğlu Chamber of Industry Chairman Salih Zeki, said that they wish to increase this potential. Murzioğlu,"TIM's biggest exporter of the year 2012 in the context of the first 1000 study conducted by research firm, shows that his inability to export to the Black Sea region. Excuses, instead of generating projects that will build the wheels to rotate faster. Preparing action plans. Every passing I congratulate all our entrepreneurs that contribute to strengthening the economy of the rising day Turkey. TIM I First 1000 I Exporters Company List in our city, producing stars and take great pride in creating added value. Samsun 1 with the potential of multi-billion dollar export. goal to reach as soon as possible, and more firms will take part in this list."said.

Samsun business, the list of 55 firms to enter export TEA wants

Samsun business, exports TIM wants to enter the list of 55 firms" comments for.


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