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  • 23 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 13:09

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to meet all your expectations!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to meet all your expectations!
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Finally unveils the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Gear was first introduced at IFA Samsung Galaxy smart

time, and then another 3 showcased the highly anticipated Galaxy Note device.

Note the series

Note 3 The third product, a fully positioned somewhere between the tablet and the phone. By this time, offering its best and widest viewing experience Note 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display 3 and 1920 × 1080 pixels (Full HD) offers a resolution.

giant screen, he's strong

Sticky Thread Sticky

Galaxy Note 3 features a giant screen is very strong technical support. Mofidiye Samsung Exynos processor, 1.8 GHz core was uncovered terrace işlemciy z e and 3 GB of RAM with. These are the most impressive hardware carriage. In addition, high-quality 24-bit audio support and 32 GB internal storage (expandable up to 64GB with microSD) offers. 3450 mAh If the battery until it holds the title of being the largest battery used in Samsung devices.

Note 3 design also draws attention to

Note 3 remarkable characteristic features camera. Sticky Thread 13 MP sensor , CRI LED flash, optical image stabilization, and a 3x optical zoom with anti-shake technology. This feature is very rare indeed for the world of smart phone sex.

looking from the front side, Note 3 Note that till now we can say that the most beautiful looks. Samsung has started to give up on the phone showed a very slow using metal plastic.

radically leather back cover of the phone. This leather sleeve that combines an open square at the top of the screen, leaving only the time and/or the weather allows you to see. This square is the choice of background rengininin (whether he is compatible with the color of the shell) something for you.

Note 3, however, said the future of the new phone with Android 4.4 4.2.2 KitKat Jelly Bean comes pre-loaded with TouchWiz interface."KitKat What the hell?"Let's say you out of here.

unexpected performance of the new S Pen

Note S Pen comes with three brand new. This item has many great new features.

browsing tasks easier and faster on-screen palette that features five powerful Air Command (Contactless Command) feature to memorize commands or different menus can you easily switch between screens without the need to look at:

- users to write handwritten notes, handwritten applications, and a function that automatically Action Memo format that allows content to transform information (Task Notes) and immediately initiate a call from the phonebook add people look for an address on a map, you can search the web, you can do more than save and a task list of things to do.

- Scrapbook (Scrapbook) feature web, including YouTube and Gallery content from a variety of sources and information collected from users to edit content, or able to watch all of them at a time, providing obvious. Scrapbook saves the contents of a source material for later use, or URLs to be associated with the original source of collecting makes them very easy.

- Screen Write (Display note) feature a full-screen image of the current page to the device, saving on the image in question allows you to write notes or additional information.

S Note 3 Finder comprehensive content allows you to search from performing. Date, place and content type filters such as keywords or by entering the relevant documents, events, contacts and even help page sequence, can search all in one. Also entered in handwritten notes and calendar applications, you can search files, as well as symbols and formulas call.

Window Pen (Pen Panceresi) features S Pen drawing and outside the experience of writing a note to a true multi-tasking is a small application that let you use in order to open the window. Only by drawing a window anywhere on the screen of any size easily and quickly on YouTube, such as calculator or mobile browser application window to another screen without interrupting the current operation açabiliyorsun quickly and easily.

Just like Gear Galaxy Note, Galaxy 3 will be sold in 140 countries on September 25 the price is not yet known.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to meet all your expectations!" comments for.


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