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  • 09 Ekim 2013, Çarşamba 12:19

Samsung of the United States banned, that's why!

Samsung of the United States banned, that's why!
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U.S. President Barack Obama approved a law prohibiting the sale with Samsung on

Samsung last three years

USA li rival, Apple into copyright infringement case is still ongoing. But aside from Apple in the United States began to shift the needle cases. Each of the other two companies' patents without permission by the court which decided that, the next job is left to parliament. Parliament to ban the sale of some models of both companies in the United States that had signed the law.

to ban Apple getirelen Bezay the way back to the palace, the same attitude Samsung was to no avail. Obama to ban Apple introduced at the end of last August, using the right to refuse, gave approval yesterday to ban Samsung getirelen.

the White House for the first time after a lapse of 25 years, using the right to reject a law, the same attitude to utilize Samsung's South Korea took place in broad media. Some experts, however Obama did not do Apple's privilege, in accordance with the principle of FRAND patents with the flexibility of use that drew attention to the degree of necessity.

Obama ratified by law, the United States' now the Galaxy S, Galaxy S 2, Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tap sales were banned. Samsung's profit by producing a large proportion of all new models here pointed out that the South Korean won many high-tech expert, thinks the decision will not make a huge impact to Samsung.

Samsung of the United States banned, that's why!" comments for.


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