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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:47

Samsung Televisions Now Under Protection

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TV screen in the Samsung which is shown as one of the best , with the cooperation carried out by the Teknokask company that offers the service pack to the electronic device 3D Smart LED TVs break , crash , high voltage, is protected by a 1-year free service package against victimization , such as theft.

İstanbul news: Photo of Teknokask company offering the service pack electronic devices against user error ; The electronics industry with leading brands realized that cooperation with Samsung 3D Smart LED TVs is guaranteed. Samsung 3D Smart LED TVs ; breakage , liquid contact , theft, free protect against accidents and damage, such as high-voltage 1-year Teknokask service pack , saving users from potential victimization. Photo APPLICATION How is the Service Pack? to benefit from a Photo Campaign for , after you purchase your product within a maximum of 1 month should be registered to the website. To take advantage of the service pack , the product purchased , Samsung in addition to the invoices which have been provided by the Digital Store Teknokask certificate number must be maintained in the Teknokask taken in the activation process. Samsung will be the Digital Store able to benefit from filling out the application form in the site from the campaign will be available in 3D Smart LED TV models . That they conduct business partnership since 2012 with Photo Samsung Teknokask General Manager Tayfun Gülgeç , \"a 3D Smart LED TV area people also Teknokask assurance is well , and service packs . Samsung's users offered by Teknokask assurance , and service packs are free , \"he said .
NEW PARTNERSHIPS tHE DOOR Photo 2Samsung users in 2012 years after shock to this day , falls , fractures, liquid contact , extortion, snatching, is guaranteed for one year against risks such as high voltage , \"said Teknokask said General Manager Tayfun Gülgeç said:Photo \"Samsung from giant brands of electronic industry, Turkey at that users send to us in this context, they want to make such an application. As a result of interviews conducted in this context Samsung , Turkey with televisions offered for sale in 2012. At the Teknokask Service Pack began to give as gifts to their customers. \"Photo Teknokask and stressed that continued today by Samsung Turkey's campaign Teknokask General Manager Tayfun Gülgeç \"positive feedback received from the customers and dealers have enjoyed this campaign and organized a new campaign as Samsung Turkey in May 2013 . Our campaign still continues today. Also continue our negotiations in the framework of Cepkask Service Pack for Samsung mobile phones with Turkey. Our company is engaged in talks with many brand with this framework . Our troops will have a new job in the new year , \"he said .

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