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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 21:48

Samsunspor-Elazığspor Then the Match

Samsunspor-Elazığspor Then the Match
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PTT 1. Lig Samsunspor in week 7 was tied 1-1 with Elazığspor on its own turf .

Samsun news: PTT 1. Lig Samsunspor in week 7 was tied 1-1 with Elazığspor on its own turf . Both coaches and players after the match was to evaluate the match. Photo Supporter's resignation sound of the answering Samsunspor Technical Director Erhan Gold , \"Football behalf guess our destiny. We could not survive the first 10 minutes. One goal after eating behalf winning children match they reflect everything in the field. We're doing good deeds in the name of football . My very good I have a football team. We could win the match , there are positions that we enter . this draw or defeat will not move give us. We're on our way with community players like lions . after that time, we will continue . I believe in my favor . you can ask my fans to resign. But she does not want her sincere and heartfelt . We will do everything you need with our fans . Some dissenting voices may come , but we will continue on our way. Me and my team do not appear to match a draw or defeat. We're going to the match with 3 points. We would like that very much and we look forward but it does not somehow . on behalf of the football field to everything we reflect a kind of sequel but we can not go . Hopefully we will figure it out. movin', no year. We do not ship to leave halfway , \"he said . Photo Photo YALÇINER: \" MOST LIKE THE GAME defeated them BEGINS \"It is a great misfortune in expressing Over Photo Samsunsporlu players Yalçıner Taha , \"This year we have a misfortune . We start the game like most defeated. We eat early goal . It did not get a precaution. Ate a clumsy goal in this match . Later on we get our hands control of the game. We found the draw, we can enter into forward position now . Somehow we can not find the winning goal . We are very sorry we upset our fans coming here . I hope you'll come to the place we deserve . Most recently recovered , we will climb the ranks , \"he said .
Stating that they are a good team and good players play Samsunsporlu Recep Niyaz , \"resignation towards the end of the match, the sound is not nice at all. This year we are going through a very difficult process in the sense that serious . It's fun , while supporters resignation senseless sounds not nice at all . This has gone a little draw . We want to start the winning streak , \"he said . Photo Photo Elazığspor WALL Photo continuous play Elazığspor underlines that dissatisfaction with some of the players coach Özat Hope , \"was a two-period game . Especially the first 15 minutes of the first half, 2-0 , 3-0 in a match that we can capture very comfortable. Then sprinkle with the ball ahead of the rush to protect the lead , their influence was loaded with Samsunspor . In the second half we can not win a match Samsunspor . I'm not very happy with some of my players . I'm not particularly pleased with some of the players the chance to give permanent form . To raise their level a bit more form our duty. In that match , we played with 3 players such deplasmanlarda 18-20 years old . I'm making here is not so important for me to get 1 point . The important thing is that players earn experience with this game is to create the skeleton Elazığspor'un \"he said. Photo

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