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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 16:25

Samsunspor, Mersin İdmanyurdu Match Start Preparations

Samsunspor, Mersin İdmanyurdu Match Start Preparations
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Samsunspor PTT 1 League 15 during the week of Mersin will play away İdmanyurdu continues preparations for the match.

Samsun news: Samsunspor 1 PTT L ig the 15th during the week of Mersin will play away İdmanyurdu continues preparations for the match. Technical Director Hussein's Heart, Adanaspor after the victory of Mersin İdmanyurdu wins would suit them well.
Nuri Asan Plant Hussein in the heart of the coach in training, with red-and-white footballers held a short meeting before training in the field. Following the meeting, beginning with the smooth running training, fitness, weight, and work continued with 2 to 5. Sport light with disabilities Adilovic flat was jogging.
Adanaspor'a an important three points, stating that they Samsunspor Technical Director Hussein Heart,"the Self our area matches played nice to win. Previous matches, some won, some did not win. Own In our area we have gained matches proves invaluable. because of our fans very happy is to have, and we rejoice. Area as it came to a place we were, that we win high force that we can position any more than we need to consider.'ve lost in the middle or lower in the fighting within an image'd be. because points us that the situation had brought. But my players to win is needed into the field in the second half more than enough to project. important match, we have gained an important three points we have. Adanaspor match left behind. Again, us equivalent and 1 point ahead in the Mersin İdmanyurdu going to play with. inside and outside win is very important, series catch is very important. Neither team is invincible. every team every team can beat. our perspective an important match. Taken to 3 points will be invaluable. us one step further to move up,"he said.
"Mersin İdmanyurdu DE WINNING behooves us"
İdmanyurdu match Mersin Heart is an expression that is important,"the next match in the second half or in the water under the bridge passes. Because it's under the bridge, dirty, muddy, clean, gravelly waters are going through. Therefore we, quite frankly best by doing and fight our strength slightly increasing the proceeding will try. them winning in the name of things. we do so, we believe that series wins we get. Adanaspor after the victory Mersin İdmanyurdu wins also behooves us. him then with Orduspor match will do. But to him before the most important match Mersin İdmanyurdu I think it was,"he said.
"multi-personality with the players TRYING"
taken against Adanaspor 3 of Adilovic PTT 1 goal L in IG goal of the week to be selected glad stating Samsunspor Technical Director Hussein heart is,"Our team's goal of the week is selected gratifying event. Striker of the score are expected. Goals for throwing the win. So far forwards scorer did not throw. Hopefully this highlights the continued income. Adilovic best player, before coming here is a proven player. Consequently we Adilovic are pleased. lot better. At the same time professionalism are also very pleased. Very personality with the players I'm trying,"he said.

Samsunspor, Mersin İdmanyurdu Match Start Preparations" comments for.


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