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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 16:22

Sandy State Hospital, a first

Sandy State Hospital, a first
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Kumluca Antalya State Hospital for brain surgery and hernia surgery began.

Antalya news: Kumluca Antalya State Hospital for brain surgery and hernia surgery began. Physical
county public response to the inability of non-sandy State Hospital, the changes in recent years and continues to provide the results of the conversion work . Carried out by the Ministry of Health with the last assignment assigned to the hospital by Sandy Neurosurgery Specialist Op. Dr. Sercan War Yalcin performed by the brain surgery and hernia surgery , thanks patients then surrounding cities and towns to be shipped to .
About a week brain surgery that started in the hospital , brain hemorrhage undergoing 78-year-old Turan Thin named patient brain, right leg, severe pain in admitted to the hospital with a complaint of difficulty walking and pulling the 24-year-old Ümmügülsüm Ozcelik was the hernia surgery .
providing information about the operations performed Neurosurgery Specialist Op. Dr. Sercan War Yalcin, they admitted 78-year-old Turan Slim's citizens midnight loss of consciousness and speech disorders with complaints admitted to the hospital and the tests performed after the patient suffered a cerebral hemorrhage on the understanding taken into surgery , he said. Op Yalcin, after the surgery the patient's normal start talking , he said.
Right leg pain and difficulty walking towing complaints admitted to hospital with 24-year-old Ümmügülsüm Ozcelik the hernia diagnosed by placing surgery stating Op.Dr. Yalcin, \"made ​​two surgery was a success and currently patients'health condition is very good. Every two patients as of tomorrow to discharge are preparing for . Our citizens our request herniated disc and spine surgeries to fear is not necessary. We're gonna operations, our patients to their health in a short period demystifies .\"He spoke .
Title Source State Hospital Chief Anesthetist dr.ayşegül Alkan in the hospital achieved a first , said:\"herniated disc , neck hernia, spinal cord injury, nerve impingement, curvature of the spine , brain tumors and brain haemorrhage patients undergoing Antalya city center and surrounding districts go requirement be eliminated , \"he said .
Chief of Staff John Doe, operated in the realization of 40 thousand pounds worth of surgical equipment that support Antalya Ataturk State Hospital Manager Abdurrahman Acer and Hospital Chief Neurosurgeons Op. Dr. Haji Selim also thanked Salihoglu .

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