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  • 07 Şubat 2014, Cuma 19:31

Sanko Art Gallery Exhibition Opening Photos

Sanko Art Gallery Exhibition Opening Photos
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Artists have Emine, Sanko Art Gallery 15 Solo painting exhibition opened.

Gaziantep news:  Artists have Emine, Sanko Art Gallery 15 Solo painting exhibition opened.
Artist Hermit 25 works that includes the opening of the exhibition, the Şehitkamil Governor Mehmet Aydin, Sanko Park Mall Manager Niyazi Büyükaks, the Sanko Park Mall Investor Representative Taner Neng, Sanko Art Gallery Jury Asli Ozen and art lovers coat Distribution was carried out with. Gaziantep open an exhibition of his happiness voicing Ermiş works when 'drop of water ride' theme work, said:"A drop of water development, from shape to shape geçiniş I'm telling. Acrylic paint I use, saying'' technique told. A new exhibition opening it from the enthusiasm with guests Governor Mehmet Aydin, who shared in his speech, art activities for the development of a society while emphasizing the importance,"our artists for this exhibition has opened in Gaziantep sure to congratulate the Hermit. Our city güzelller brought"he gave.
Each raindrop love 'reach the sea', that obstacles to dealing with such even from the love to the power of every drop meets the sea, indicating that Aydin, pictures while such a theme for committing painter Hermit celebrated. Nature and protect everything in nature to the flow should leave underlines Aydin,"That's why this exhibition is very valuable find,"he said.
Governor Aydın, Sanko Art Gallery permanent exhibition opening by providing artistic activities and artists give great support Sanko family to once more heartily celebrated turer stating,"The biggest applause our artists, good v can,"he said. Governor Aydın, then the artist Emine Hermit of Sanko Holding sponsored biased 'Belkis and Zeugma Mosaics called' scientific publications, was a gift. saint, Sanko Sanko Park Mall is located in the 3rd floor, the exhibition opened at the Art Gallery, February 21 will be open between the hours of 10:00 to 22:00 every day until.
In 1957 in Balıkesir born artist Hatice's been, Open Education Faculty of Social Sciences of the chapter finished. DSI 25th Regional Accounting Office was retired from. in 2000 Balıkesir State Gallery of Fine Arts painter Özdemir Yemenicioğlu pictures from the course I took. 2,005 In '1. International Turkey Grameen Microcredit Art Biennial 'joined. Inonu University, Fine Arts Museum, a work-Forgiving artist, International Plastic Arts Association and Free Trade Union of Artists member. study at her own studio continued Hermit, İzmir Art and Sculpture Museum, Parliament Environment and Forest Ministry, Hatay Samandağ District, Karşıyaka, Istanbul, Kastamonu, Urgup municipalities, Kastamonu Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate, Ege University, Izmir Governorship, Derinkuyu District and private organizations in the collections are works. 15 solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions participating painter Hermit, contests in 39 works worth exhibiting found, in catalogs has taken place. Artists Emine Hermit's 2005-2013 year held between '24. Turgut Pura Foundation Painting and Sculpture Competition ışması honorable mention in, '25. Turgut Pura Foundation Painting and Sculpture Contest 'Devrim Erbil Award' and 'Çanakkale Wars Painting Competition, Honorable Mention, Environment and Forest Ministry of the' Global Warming and Climate Change 'in the painting contest first prize, Izmir Women's Organizations Union's' Water' on the picture Special Jury Prize in the competition, '5. Çanakkale Art Prize 'in the 2010 CAP Jury Special Payments ul' and '8. Çanakkale Art Prize 'in the 2013 CAP Jury Special Award ''s.
in Gaziantep in 2004 for art lovers to use and offered to hold an exhibition in domestic and from abroad, the acclaimed Sanko Art Gallery, the city of culture and arts events important gains provided. Established since, including two times international artists to meet, Salvador Dali and Joan Miro exhibition, including 173 in the exhibition hosts Sanko Art Gallery, 4 y ear ago moved Sanko Park Mall's also a different sense won.

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