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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 11:00

Sanko Art Gallery Exhibition Opening

Sanko Art Gallery Exhibition Opening
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Presented by Artists Tüfekçibaşı Sanko personal painting exhibition opened at the Art Gallery .

Gaziantep news:
Tüfekçibaşı 24 works that includes the opening of the exhibition , the Sanko Park Mall Manager Niyazi Büyükaks and Investor Representative Taner Neng , Sanko Textile Management Board Assistant Murat Köylüoğlu Sanko Art Gallery Selected Member of the Board aslıöz and art lovers attended the ceremony opened.
Drawing indicating that a long process of changing and developing artists Tüfekçibaşı Presented in Gaziantep exhibition displays photos of three different subjects , he said.'Dancing with'in a series in the works of dance rhythm and speed of the canvas carries explaining Tüfekçibaşı ,''Sleeping those who can not'in a series of a lonely woman sleeping on the bed inability to think and figure their own way try to create said.
Tüfekçibaşı ,''Istanbul'in a series of studies speaking , \"\"Istanbul, I leave with a side like a lover . I am in constant fight-contention . A rich subject . The most beautiful poems of the poet chided for Istanbul , Istanbul , I wanted to reflect on my feelings on canvas . Infinite allows this study, I take a little longer as the'saying'thoughts shared with the guests did .
'Of myself better, different pictures to make directed'I', saying artistic work is always more advanced stages move stated that the Tüfekçibaşı , Gaziantep be happy to open an exhibition for the first time , he said.
congratulated beautiful works of artist Sanko Park Mall Manager Niyazi also Büyükaks'than an exhibition we are proud to host . See the valuable work of our artists , we are also developing perspective . We are also your value thank you for your'he said.
Sanko Textile Management Board Assistant and Sanko Art Gallery Executive Board Member Murat Köylüoğlu the country for the future of art in all its branches is very important stressed.
Especially youth training in the process of an art to tackle the need to give emphasis Köylüoğlu , painter Tüfekçibaşı works praised by mentioning'exhibited here pictures of our young people to encourage and art-related activities to make an example I wish'saying'youth urged .
after the speeches Büyükaks , the artist Sanko Holding sponsored suppressed'Belkis Zeugma Mosaics'called scientific book was a gift.
No studies Pearl Eviner's special workshop starting lineup Tüfekçibaşı , 1995 entered Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts Faculty Painting from the Department in 2000, the second graduating with the degree as Sakıp Sabancı Art prize was awarded.
same year participated ,''Heart Foundation'and'Silk-Ahmet Merey'competition exhibition in the first and third prize-winning Tüfekçibaşı , Miami Community Collaga received language training . Master's degree at the Faculty of Yıldız Technical University of Art and Design has been completed.
Artist in 2001,'Process Space 10th International Art Festival and the 2010'International Artist Eritra Gathering'has participated in international events . Since 2008, Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair 2011, participating artists ARTBOSPHORUS and 21 group exhibitions , his first solo exhibition opened in Berlin in February 2009 . Presented Tüfekçibaşı five solo exhibitions , Erenköy has been working in the studio picture .
Of Tüfekçibaşı , Sanko Park Mall is located in the 3rd floor exhibition opened at the Art Gallery of Sanko , 10:00 to 22:00 every day until October 31 between the hours can be visited .


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