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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 20:17

Sanko Holding Chairman Konukoğlu:

Sanko Holding Chairman Konukoğlu:
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Sanko Holding Chairman Abdulkadir Konukoğlu in business who do not panic, do not know who struggle with the desire of asking and learning, will be successful and lucrative always said he would.

Ankara news: Sanko Holding Chairman Abdulkadir Konukoğlu in business who do not panic, do not know who struggle with the desire of asking and learning, will be successful and lucrative always said he would. Konukoğlu
in Ankara, TOBB Economics and Technology University of Economics and Young Entrepreneurs organized by the Commonwealth and directed by Kemal Atalay,"Entrepreneurs With Eyes"was joined on the panel. Biography of the visual presentation Speaking after and life story Konukoğlu, especially within the family, including love and respect for environment protection, just when and developments in the world of the good evaluation work life, the golden keys is reported. Success of the road map,"Love, respect, patience, work, to obey, to be fair, learning perseverance, self-renewal request and developments evaluate the best defined as"the Konukoğlu, he continued:
"You just visually my resume have followed. Most of the time, 'who I am' I asked myself working life. Cave established in a textile factory 50 years ago I went out on the road, gradually rising today Sanko Holding Chairman of the Board as the first day's determination to work with, I continue on. Businesses working in my enthusiasm because secondary education without completing the work started. late father to me in our factory masters 'meat you bone me saying' was delivered. our own factory Muharrem Usta work as an apprentice started.
my master's boss as his son did not look, uncompromising business education gave, I no when the boss's son saying my master ordered what if it did, the place came to my neck slap eaten. Allah Muharrem Usta, especially all masters bless you, if he slaps you do not eat if perhaps today here I would not be."
property located in sweeps so that stalls clear, however, that the masters occasional trash accidentally dökmüşçe transferred to and they place again süpürt explaining that they Konukoğlu, we learn to obey, he said.
property each tap running and managed to rise record Konukoğlu success journey stairs one at a time to come likened.
the stairs one at a time rather than 2-up, 3 bouncing of reaching the top of it is very difficult and after a while tired will, stumble their starting point will be going noteworthy Konukoğlu each stage of the business life should be emphasized that exceeded digestion. In many sectors of doing business is risky, describing Konukoğlu, said:
"Domination lost can. These findings in parallel to other sectors were headed, cement and packaging sectors have entered. Nowadays weight textile and energy, including 12 in the sector are doing business. Textiles, energy, construction, packaging, construction and agricultural machinery, 12 in the sector is the backbone of Sanko."
After his speech, the students pelted almost question Konukoğlu stated that panic will lose business life. Added:"You of tomorrow girişimcileris you. Working life the greatest risk of panic is. Additionally, you do not know ask aversion. Learning with the desire to show some effort. Place when it does not understand, does not know the image data but learn. Nowadays office mobile input. Computing advancements in technologies through every phone in an office has become. everyone should prepare itself to new ways of doing business and should harmonize. implementing the new process succeeds,"he said.
percent gain everyone's doing charity work and alms should provide a record Konukoğlu, he continued as follows:
"At the moment 500 thousand college students on scholarship to give. 100 thousand on the needy to food aid are doing. 20 thousand students, stationery and clothing assistance are done. So far two faculty buildings, including 18 schools built and National Education handed over. Islahiye Anatolian Imam and Preacher High School, Gaziantep University at the Faculty of Theology building built ettiriyoruz. Gaziantep University Fine Arts Center to the protocol we signed.
Zakat your your goods is insurance. charity work and charity distribution to the afterlife EFT as I see it. Believers people his kindness and charity of the money will definitely is. zakat your full data, on the day of data. Honesty leave off. late father, 'the trick is honesty' he says. Honestly wins. too want to win the honest enough to have. no to start work late is not. dad, 'when you started the day at the earliest days,' he says. Mental think fate laughed have. never too late had meaning."
to be happy way,"you're more successful than the ones that take a sample, you have the ones who do not have see and be thankful and give the alms give, no by processing to inform the public defines it as"the Konukoğlu companies tasks relating to changes, said:
"Great for a certain age when the business at the beginning of the withdrawal should know, after his management transferee counseling should be done. Ben that at the end of 65 years of age complete the administration'm leaving. Managing change with this method should be provided. dad or brother's death should not be expected. these methods, the task of the transferor's experiences also benefited gets the chance."
speeches TOBB ETU e konomi and Young Entrepreneur of the Commonwealth of President Oğulcan Ardog, the Sanko Holding Chairman Abdulkadir Konukoğlu to a plaque of appreciation was presented.

Sanko Holding Chairman Konukoğlu:" comments for.


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