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  • 07 Temmuz 2014, Pazartesi 17:31

Sanko University Rector. Dr. . Examination on CNN Turk

Sanko University Rector. Dr. . Examination on CNN Turk
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Sanko University Rector.

Gaziantep news: Sanko University Rector. Dr. . Ahmet exam, thematic universities in the field of medical sciences at the University of Sanko education system would not be a rote said,''I think the first grade students to enter into the hospital ,''he said .
CNN ECE Karaboncuk published live on the Turkish channel offered by the''Education and Success''Prof. participating in the program . Dr. . Exam Sanko faculties and departments of the University , scholarships and accommodation facilities , academic staff and they want to do as talked about the advantages of being a student in Gaziantep .
Create awareness of social responsibility is the foundation of the University , Prof. highlight . Dr. . Examination Sanko Holding's founder, the late Sani Konukoğlu In 1993, the hospital laid the foundation , and today a private Sani Konukoğlu Hospital, Turkey's largest private hospital , he said .
''Our goal in medical education a top to move ,''said the prof. Dr. . Ahmet exam, the international success of targeting the future of quality health care professionals to educate stated that they want .
Sanko at the University School of Medicine, Health Sciences Faculty, Faculty of Dentistry , Health Sciences Institute, and the Institute of Science and explaining that Prof. Dr. . Examination this year, Faculty of Medicine , Faculty of Health Sciences Nursing , Nutrition and Dietetics , Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation sections 60 students will be taken , he said.
'' Memorizing UNDERSTANDING NO ''< br/> Students only use information and knowledge-tured''learn''will generate new information indicating Prof. Dr. . Testing, on the education system at the University of Sanko said:''Our
şi not understand our training memorization . More students from the first class are thinking of switching to the hospital . Using the latest technologies and a new understanding of education than they have learned from the first year , they will do at the Hospital of Special Sani Konukoğlu will consolidate applications . I will use that information where students will learn by seeing .''
In the field of health sciences to produce world-class science , provide education and health services to deliver successful stressed that brought together academics, Professor. Dr. . Examination','The majority of our instructors Turkey , we will have a foreign teacher . Than in the U.S. are planning to bring Turkish teachers . Currently we have made agreements . Founded in our budget we allocate funds for this very important', \"he said .
''Gaziantep is an easy city to live in and get used to .''I love the words that define students Prof. Dr. . Examination Sanko University in the center of town , within walking distance to all amenities found in social-cultural pointed .
Prof. Dr. . Exam , safety, comfort without sacrificing anything to prepare student house they were also emphasized . Server ,''how your dream of a university college , have established Would you say it ?''Professor shaped response to the question . Dr. . Testing,''We're trying to . Achieve an ideal university for at least 10 years. Board of Trustees Chairman Mr. Abdulkadir Konukoğlu there's a nice word:'in the Middle East headachy University of Sanko's first come to mind ,'he says . Our vision is that there''was the answer .

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