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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 18:02

Şanlıurfa Mayor Eid al-Adha Message from Güvenç

Şanlıurfa Mayor Eid al-Adha Message from Güvenç
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Şanlıurfa Mayor Celalettin Güvenç Feast of Sacrifice therefore issued a congratulatory message .

Şanlıurfa news:
President Guvench stated the following message has included:
\"Very valuable Şanlıurfa countrymen , an Eid al-Adha together again realize I would . Feast your sincerely congratulate you .'s Day , peace , peace, brotherhood to bring the Almighty-I Haktan petition I would . you also followed closely , as this feast also in the Islamic world of tears , separation, there are problems . oppressed brothers and sisters from their homes was . Recent within a week Kobani'nin from our province 160 thousand relatives , our brothers emigrated , moved . these difficulties , sorrows together lives in our hearts we feel .
this feast day to you once again I thank the world's largest government even can not cope will , can not afford the heavy burden of self-sacrifice , patience, faith exceed our and we support've been . all of you God bless . this context oppressed and needy people who come here from Şanlıurfa a sacrifice for our brothers launched a donation campaign . ALONE by calling our call Center 153 with £ 500 donation can sacrifice a share . In addition, we have opened Municipality stands in front of this help are collected. God accepts you for your help in advance .
Dear brothers and sisters , during the feast Metropolitan Municipality depends on our need and our team as well as our district municipalities to work with great dedication , will continue to serve a 24-hour basis . Services in our community to take all necessary measures have been taken without interruption . Feast of need during and complaints also Alo 153 Call Center we always pass the necessary intervention by our teams will be made.
Dear compatriots , flags victims in our necessarily determined where we cut out the bad images should not allow . Let's not allow us to pollution unseemly . Victims identified in all districts The precise location on our website you can learn from . To be cut , every precaution has been taken in places . I invite everyone to cut their victims out there . During the Feast of Our buses will serve our people for 3 days at no charge .
Also from the day of Arafa free services we have put our new Asri Cemetery will provide transportation for our people . This service is free of charge until our new cemetery will serve as the third day in the evening . Happy to be your feast with this idea ; more beautiful , peaceful , full of fraternity and I wish you a feast . This is the unity and unity now , I want to mention that now being clamped .
Hopefully we will realize the holidays all together . On the other hand, the second day of Eid at 11:00 am holy Teachers program together with our people in the next Hacıbekir are planning to perform . I invite all citizens to holy presentations . Feast of God we are blessed . Within the meaning accident, belasız , I wish to spend a joyous feast , I offer love and respect . \"

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