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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 15:41

Sanliurfa Thy Will Fly

Sanliurfa Thy Will Fly
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Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk at the invitation of the board meeting of the prophets , the land of steel making in Sanliurfa , Turkish Airlines (THY) , took important decisions on the introduction of point of Sanliurfa .

Şanlıurfa news: Photo of Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik Turkish Airlines invitation of Şanlıurfa with board members , Hamdi Topcu had a meeting at the presidency. Introducing the subject of Şanlıurfa meeting held in a private hotel were discussed. Photo THY Chairman Hamdi Topcu, Sanliurfa province which lies within approximately 15 kilometers northeast of the center and a plane to draw attention to Göbeklitepe excavation , the oldest cult group of buildings known to the world'Göbeklitepe'heralded be called. Turkish Airlines plane to introduce Sanliurfa 1 hour images also stressed that they take the decision to watched the passengers Artillery, while another plane was later announced that it would be the name of another place that will be requested of Sanliurfa Governor . Photo Şanlıurfa-Ankara for the removal of 2 hours a day of time work will also start telling Artillery, \"We're going to probably twice in Ankara Sanliurfa flight. according to the state of the aircraft in Istanbul a day , can be even performed twice flight. Thus will be fulfilled the demands of Sanliurfa in the winter season. We are serious to the economy and tourism in Şanlıurfa we believe will contribute sense . all the amenities we have to Sanliurfa more tourists to come to this flight , we will have to mobilize . Sanliurfa city depends on today 264 destinations. So he can go from here flyer 264 destinations , it has our efforts towards replication. by cross-flights during the summer season We will facilitate access to different cities , especially Istanbul . I gave the instructions necessary for the investigation of its potential for passengers . Today I can say that as a result ; We took two days and time Şanlıurfa-birkan Ankara . The passenger may come in the morning Sanliurfa evening , \"he said .
THE GOOD NEWS DE Şanlıurfaspor
Artillery, gave a good news PTT 1. Şanlıurfaspor'u struggling to Lig't . artillery, specifying the scope of Şanlıurfaspor'u they attempted purchase of advertising space on the GAP Arena, \"Şanlıurfaspor'u I can also announce the following ; Our talks about the stadium will be used by the ad space. How We're investigating the issue can give a boost , \"he said . Photo THY Chairman of the Artillery and board members who give up their solo Sanliurfa Governor İzzettin Small said,\"They came in Sanliurfa good news and they leave with good news . Many precious things were presented at today's meeting . Şanlıurfa always looking very warm and friendly and sincerely support it. Therefore composed . I thank them because the service of the city , we are very grateful , \"he said . Photo Artillery, Governor small THY logo residence has air gift .
Two days in Sanliurfa TYH board members and senior executives , meeting then left the city .

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