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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 22:08

Sanliurfaspor-after the match Mersin İdmanyurdu

Sanliurfaspor-after the match Mersin İdmanyurdu
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PTT 1 The league's 17 Sanliurfaspor during the week, as guests in their own home Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun was defeated 3-2.

Şanlıurfa news: PTT 1 L ig the 17th Sanliurfaspor during the week, as guests in their own home Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun was defeated 3-2.
match held after the press conference Sanliurfaspor Technical Director Reha Kapsal, the game starts right they expressed,"Mersin İdmanyurdu match for the whole week we prepared. game started well and good have continued. Matches comfortable in our favor will turn 30 minutes we played. Individually we errors, such a result we got. course here since I came speakers. Sanliurfaspor at home renews. Gamer tactics as we want pedestrians do not. Season head how much change we tried to not happening. More and more studies need to. I'm not a quitter, I lay, I do not have that. Own LUGAT my to win a victory, success has win. them will succeed. Halftime accurate transfer will do. Bente victory, success delivering are. Hopefully, most of them in a short time will show,"he said.
Şanlıurfasporlu footballer Murat Kayali upset if they are expressed,"this match Getting too wanted to. But unfortunately did not happen. self-confidence been lost. Boiler we encounter we lost we are really unhappy has. anything to say, do not know,"he said.
Adana match wins after a very serious morale out of the field indicating that they Sanliurfaspor footballer Honor South,"Visiting we're a good team. well footballers are working with. goal we have but I startled you. Match started well. long time the first time after a match so eager were beginning. good work was becoming, but today we played matches we lost. honor our bruised. every thing empty field mirroring We should have. of 3 will make the game unfortunately by 3 scoring we lost. We are very sorry. Such that we did not want. Hopefully this team super league will see,"he said.
Mersin İdmanyurdu WALL
Mersin İdmanyurdu Technical Director Hakan Kutlu, the match is very important, adding that"Ankaraspor'u win very important because it was a game. both teams to win this match was very important. Either points difference will be opened or would close. This awareness match went out. Matches the beginning of human error because we eat goals had. these golden then our players control of the game retained. good football, put out three goals were found. 3 goals to find away especially Sanliurfaspor opposite, it really was a difficult situation. Very goal position had but they could not evaluate. Games at the beginning of our players was injured. Significant another of our players today due to injury could not play. Their play instead entering my players all that much under adverse circumstances with great dedication, great ownership with, and in the case inanmışlık by exhibiting a great job succeeded. all wholehearted congratulations"in the descriptions found.
Mersin İdmanyurdu soccer player Mehmet Yildiz, all my friends congratulated,"Match the beginning of the defeated state fall although an important victory we have achieved. despite all these difficulties well on the field, we fought. Feds have but we have to reflect them in the field. Hopefully it will exhibit all the good games with our friends. was an encounter very significant and very nice,"he said.

Sanliurfaspor-after the match Mersin İdmanyurdu" comments for.


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